Companies of all sizes across industries are solving process and product quality issues using Camo industrial analytics, generating exceptional impact and value.


Product quality increase


Waste reduction


Energy reduction

Alleviate the pain

Solutions that solve complex problems

With all the hype around digitalisation, artificial intelligence and IIoT, what is missing are turnkey solutions to solve complex real-world problems, leveraging the knowledge of your domain experts. Solutions that enables you to optimise yields, performance and profit. All while being compliant.

Batch monitoring

Spot and stop batch deviations to ensure product quality and reduce waste. Explore

Continuous feed monitoring

Detect and avoid feed stream changes to ensure consistent quality. Explore

Quality monitoring

Quickly identify quality variations to ensure consistent quality and safety (CQP). Explore

Blend monitoring

Quickly identify and handle problems to ensure blend quality and reduce waste. Explore

Drying optimisation

Prevent incorrect moisture levels from affecting production time and quality Explore

Reaction monitoring

Start and stop reactions at precisely the right time to ensure product quality. Explore

Continuous manufacturing

Ensure quality at every step of the process to dramatically reduce waste. Explore

Fermentation monitoring

Detect and alleviate deviations to ensure as desired fermentation every time Explore

Solve another problem

The flexibility to solve problems with the Camo platform is second to none. Explore
Unscrambler analytics suite

The most powerful tool for multivariate analysis

Unscrambler is the industry leading tool for multivariate analysis and spectroscopy, including Python support and Design-Expert.

Monitor, control and optimise processes

Monitor and control the health and performance of your manufacturing processes to keep your batch and continuous operations running smoothly.

Purpose-built analytics, monitoring and optimisation

A flexible enterprise analytics suite with industry leading tools that support all steps from design to production for developing products faster, improve product quality and optimise processes.


All-in-one tool to explore, analyse and predict.

Process Pulse

Monitor, predict and optimise in real-time.

Optimise the entire value chain

This powerful software suite helps you accelerate product development and simplifies the move from lab to pilot to production, for more profitable processes, less deviations, and higher yields.

Industrial analytics tailored to your industry.

Whatever your industry, we have the solutions and domain knowledge to meet your industry’s specific needs.
Our solutions has proven its value for customers across multiple industries.

Maximize yield, prevent faulty batches, ensure consistent quality and reduce waste.
Right First Time with Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Quality by Design.

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Optimise formulas, ensure compliance, improve efficiency and quality.
Food and beverage
Maximize yield, throughput, conform to quality standards and ensure food safety.

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Increase margins, optimise production and improve quality with nondestructive methods.
Reduce operational risk, improve safety, ensure consistent quality and compliance.

Generating extraordinary results.

Used by more than 3000 organisations to optimise processes, improve quality and transform operations.

Your data will love Unscrambler. Download free trial.

The most easy to use, powerful and complete analytical tool with unique capabilities for spectroscopy and chemometrics, suitable for all types of industrial, IoT and spectral data.

Stay up-to-date on industrial analytics.

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PAT must be the corporate strategy for industrial digitalisation

August 11, 2020
Chief Solutions Officer Geir Rune Flåten share his thoughts on why PAT should be used as the enabler...

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Sharing the blueprint to fast-track the value of PAT

August 24, 2020
Camo will exhibit and present at the IFPAC Summit, where our PAT experts will discuss how to unlock...

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Bright talent shining at Camo Analytics

July 16, 2020
NTNU alumnus Stian Ismar shares his experience working as intern at Camo Analytics this summer.

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From batch to real-time process control and product release

July 1, 2020
From batch to continous manufacturing: Ferring Pharmaceuticals talks about the journey towards the use of process spectroscopy for...

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Beware of black boxes when black swans are on the move

June 17, 2020
Chief Solutions Officer Geir Rune Flåten reflects on the importance of recalibrating models when events disrupt your data.

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Internships for people that want to make a difference

June 5, 2020
We are looking for analytical students that dream in code and are ready to create cutting-edge Python solutions.

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