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World-leading data analysis solutions

What we do
World-leading data analysis solutions

We deliver multivariate software and solutions for analyzing large, complex data sets quickly, easily and accurately. World-leading organizations rely on our solutions to get deeper insights, understand processes and make better predictions from their data.

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Multivariate Data Analysis(MVA)

What is
Multivariate Data Analysis (MVA)

MVA is a powerful set of techniques for understanding the relationships between variables in large data sets, which classical statistics may not adequately identify or explain. MVA lets you understand, visualize and make predictions from your data.

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Real value for your business

We deliver
Real value for your business

We’ve saved companies millions of dollars through improved process control, and helped others develop best-selling products. Whatever your data, we can help save money, increase revenue and turn your data into a competitive advantage through better business analytics.

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Spectroscopy and analyzing spectroscopic data


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PAT and QbD

Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD)

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