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The Unscrambler® Appendices

UDI User Defined Import Version 1.0 : PROGRAMMER’S REFERENCE

This document specifies the programmatic interfaces of User Defined Import in The Unscrambler®. UDI is a first step towards making The Unscrambler® independent for the import functionality available to OEM’s.

The primary purpose of UDI is to enable customer (OEM partner) to write there own DLL for importing
Data in Unscrambler.

UDI - Programmers reference manual.pdf

The Unscrambler Appendices: Method References

This document details the algorithms used in The Unscrambler, as well as some statistical measures and formulas. It also provides some bibliographical references for the methods implemented in The Unscrambler.

The Unscrambler Method References.pdf

The Unscrambler Appendices: Technical References

This document references the more technical features of the software: file formats and composition,
compatibility with instruments, user-defined transformations.

The Unscrambler Technical References.pdf