Solution: Blend monitoring

Exact blends

Quickly identify and handle problems to ensure blend quality and reduce waste.

In regulated industries, there’s no such thing as “almost right”. If faced with inhomogeneous blends, manufacturers lose money and valuable time the longer they must wait for results. Not to mention possible reblends to meet quality requirements. With the Camo solution for monitoring blends, manufacturing is backed up by real-time monitoring of blend composition as well as individual components. And it allows for real-time endpoint detection in your mixing operation.

The solution lets manufacturers optimise cycle time by eliminating sample testing and spotting irregularities immediately so you can prevent unwanted process behavior from happening. It also provides all required documentation for endpoint verification and is the perfect response to any call for Process Analytical Technology.

Faster, better answers to blend problems:

  • Full process visibility and control with real-time monitoring
  • Early fault detection and process deviation warnings
  • Continuous improvement of formulations and operations
  • Documentation to meet regulatory requirements
  • Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11

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