Customer Testimonials

CAMO values its relationship with any client that it works with. A special focus on unique customer needs allows CAMO to deliver customized solutions that are highly appreciated.

Renate Krause - Faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture, Humboldt-University

"We use NIRS mainly in education (student practicals), but also for analysis in research projects. For me, as a beginner in the field of NIRS analysis, is The Unscrambler® a clearly laid out and helpful program, which is easy to become acquainted with. I want also absolutely recommend to any beginner the course of Professor Waltraud Kessler. Not until then I have learned to use more functions in The Unscrambler®, and to evaluate the results in a better way."

Heinz W. Siesler - Professor of Physical Chemistry

Universität Duisburg-Essen
"The main focus of my research group at the Department of Physical Chemistry, Uni-versity of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, is the application of vibrational spectroscopy (mid-infrared, near-infrared and Raman spectroscopy) for chemical quality control and reaction monitoring in combination with chemometric data evaluation tech-niques. Despite the availability of numerous other software packages The Unscrambler® has become the standard tool for this purpose since more than 10 years be-cause this program offers the most efficient and flexible approaches to evaluate vibrational spectroscopic data in terms of qualitative discrimination and quantitative determination of multicomponent systems. Based on this long-term experience, I highly recommend The Unscrambler® not only because of the ease in start-up for beginners and the availability of a broad range of diagnostic calibration parameters for advanced and experienced users but also because of the constant up-date, im-provement and adjustment of the software and graphics to new requirements."

Luigi Cusano - Senior Analytical Chemist, Loctite

"The Unscrambler® provides a very intuitive graphical representation of the data, making it easier for chemometrics neophytes to evaluate data. Overall, these benefits have translated into lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The ability to develop such methods in a centralized laboratory, has resulted in lower development and assessment costs, thus with an inverse increase in ROI."

Dr. Knut Dyrstad - Amersham Health

I have worked with chemometrics for 14 years within pharmaceutical R&D and drug production and I am now manager of a chemometrics department. One important factor to release the benefits of chemometrics is, to have a close collaboration with a producer of software having competent personnel to continuously develop their product according to new methodology also based on the customers need. Further, we are very satisfied with the courses arranged by CAMO and many of our employees have participated there.

Conclusively, we are very satisfied with our Upgrades & Support agreement with CAMO and can give them our best recommendations.

Beret Mette Haga - Bakehuset

"The Unscrambler® has been highly useful in our product development work. By using the software we have saved many baking trials and we get a clear overview of the interaction effects of the factors we have varied. We wouldn't have got this information without using the program. The results give us key information and knowledge on our process. I really recommend the software!"

VP Consumer Insight & Market Research - Takasago International

"CAMO is a strategic partner in Takasago's research efforts. CAMO provides the innovative tools better needed to understand our consumer product dynamics and the changing fragrance preferences of various consumer segments."