Solution: Custom turnkey

Unlimited possibilities

The flexibility to solve problems with the Camo platform is second to none.

All the solutions we offer are problem-specific applications of the Camo tools running in real-time on our industrial analytics platform. The solutions are data-driven and we have done the groundwork in analysing data to effectively address and solve these challenges. In other words, if you have data, we can help you address almost any challenge you have.

We believe the best approach to data-based value creation combines data, domain expertise and science-based analytics. Through an exploratory approach domain experts can leverage the purpose-built analytics to optimise processes and efficiency, improve product quality and transform operations.

Building on 35 years of experience in solving problems, the Camo platform tools cover everything from data connectors to complete solutions. So why limit yourself?

Faster, better answers to solve your problems:

  • Full process visibility and control with real-time monitoring
  • Early fault detection and process deviation warnings
  • Continuous improvement of formulations and operations
  • Documentation to meet regulatory requirements
  • Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11

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Batch monitoring

Spot and stop batch deviations to ensure product quality and reduce waste. Explore

Continuous feed monitoring

Detect and avoid feed stream changes to ensure consistent quality. Explore

Quality monitoring

Quickly identify quality variations to ensure consistent quality and safety (CQP). Explore

Blend monitoring

Quickly identify and handle problems to ensure blend quality and reduce waste. Explore

Drying optimisation

Prevent incorrect moisture levels from affecting production time and quality Explore

Reaction monitoring

Start and stop reactions at precisely the right time to ensure product quality. Explore

Continuous manufacturing

Ensure quality at every step of the process to dramatically reduce waste. Explore

Fermentation monitoring

Detect and alleviate deviations to ensure as desired fermentation every time Explore

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The flexibility to solve problems with the Camo platform is second to none. Explore