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Installation & Settings

We have a Multi-User license. How do I configure The Unscrambler® Software for a Network Installation?

The Unscrambler® program files may be installed on any suitable network file server, e.g. a Novell Netware server, or a Windows peer-to-peer client. However, the local computer from which you run The Unscrambler® must be a Win32 type of platform, i.e. either Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP or Windows NT (3.51 or later).

The Unscrambler® data files may be stored anywhere, independently of where The Unscrambler program files are installed. During installation you will be asked to specify the location for both types of files. Please note that the data files must be located in a directory available to all users. Also make sure that all users have write access to this directory. The program files, however, can be located in a read-only directory. Note that if the file server has limitations, e.g. if it only supports "8.3" file names, this also goes for the data tables and results you create in your Unscrambler projects.

Having installed the program on the server, you must perform client installation from each workstation by running the "setup.exe" file from the client folder at The Unscrambler® installation location at the server, as shown hereafter:

\\Server name\drive name\Program Files\The Unscrambler®\CLIENT\setup.exe

This is a quick process which requires no user input. Thus, the individual workstation owners can easily do this installation themselves without supervision from the system manager.

Note: On some operating systems, insufficient user rights may be an issue. After installation it is recommended for the Administrator to check whether all users have sufficient access rights to The Unscrambler® installation folders. In some cases it may be necessary to explicitly grant all users full access rights to these folders.