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How do I transfer Unscrambler plots to another application?

You can use copy and paste to transfer a plot from The Unscrambler« Viewer to another program. Click on the plot you want to transfer and select Edit - Copy, or select Edit - Copy All if you want to copy all plots together. Then go to the other application and select Edit - Paste.

The plot can be transferred either as a bitmap or as a meta-file (picture). The latter option gives the best quality, but may result in very large files in Word, especially if the plot has many objects (many samples and/or variables, using symbols layout, etc.). You select the appropriate option in the Viewer sheet of the File - System Setup dialog.

Another possibility is to save the plot using File - Save Plot (or right-click on the plot and select Save Plot). This allows you to choose among a few different file formats, which later on can be opened in the application of your choice.

A Special Case: Transferring Table Plots
Table plots (e.g. ANOVA table) are nothing but characters and numbers displayed in a graphical interface. Thus, if you copy a table plot and paste it into another application, you will get the following results:

  1. In a spreadsheet, e.g. Excel: A table, with row and column names;
  2. In a word processor, e.g. Word: A tabulated series of words and values, which can easily be converted into a table (see section Transferring Your Data to a Word Processor).