Solution: Fermentation monitoring

Consistent fermentation

Detect and alleviate deviations to ensure as desired fermentation every time.

While biomanufacturing in the form of fermentation has been known since the Neolithic age, stringent quality and documentation requirements have not, and industrialising a biological project is a challenge. With the Camo solution for monitoring fermentation processes, these requirements can be met as a matter of routine to comply with all chemical standards. Because of the very nature of biomanufacturing and -pharma, the duality of having to monitor the biological agents as well as the product at every stage necessitates a special analysis tool. And Camo offers just that.

The solution monitors the state of organic agents in real time, ensures that product transition as well as condition is as desired and detects any deviations in the fermentation process. Furthermore, it can analyse both uneven batch lengths and non-linear batch progression and can be extended to include data from specific at-line measurements. It also provides documentation and reporting needed to meet regulatory requirements.

Faster, better answers to fermentation problems:

  • Full process visibility and control with real-time monitoring
  • Early fault detection and process deviation warnings
  • Continuous improvement of the fermentation process
  • Documentation to meet regulatory requirements
  • Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11

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