Dr. Katherine Bakeev
Dr.Katherine Bakeev- Chief Scientist, CAMO Software Inc.

Dr. Katherine graduated from Case Western Reserve University, 1987 and followed with a Ph.D., Polymer Science and Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1993. She was awarded her masters in Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology in 2001.

Before joining CAMO in March 2009, Katherine held various positions including Chief Scientist, GlaxoSmithKline where she led efforts for development and implementation of PAT (NIR, UV-Vis, and Mid-IR) applications for manufacturing.

Katherine’s expertise is in the development and implementation of spectroscopic solutions for on-line measurement in manufacturing (PAT, near-infrared and UV-vis spectroscopy) for various industries. Katherine’s knowledge and experience includes pharmaceutical drug development, chemical development processes, and manufacturing. Much of her work has NIR and FTIR with the development and implementation of real-time monitoring applications for manufacturing.