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Industrial analytics thought leadership-series.

How will industrial analytics, Industry 4.0, IIoT and digital transformation change businesses? And ultimately the world? We ask industry leaders to share their view on these technologies, how we use them, and where they will take us.

Harald Martens:

We need more love for real life

It is still like walking a slack line to connect mathematics and statistics to all other sciences. The concept of filling this gap with black box AI is an illusion, that will create dangerous alienation.

Colin Shearer:

Real time is
too late

With no equivalent of GDPR to limit exploitation of machine data and given the fact that any industry is already based on extensive domain expertise, you should utilize streaming data and keep building your analytical engine with a scientific approach.

Patrick Whitcomb:

Correlations may mislead you

Industrial analytics is all about getting meaning from data. Data is speaking and analytics is the listening device, but you need a hearing aid to distinguish correlation from causality.

Rasmus Bro:

I am also working with AI

Data analysis is growing and is playing an increasingly important role in business and society. It’s a good thing. Chemometrics veteran Rasmus Bro would not hesitate to state that he is working with ‘artificial intelligence’.

Svante Wold:

It is extremely difficult to automate in full

It’s a big mistake to think that the truth lies in data. It is only a part of the truth and a part of the future. Data as the only solution is stupid. This all data centric approach has the same limitation, and it goes for both AI and chemometrics.