Pharma and life sciences

Optimise cycle times, maximize yields, prevent faulty batches and ensure consistent quality – all while staying compliant.

Digitalisation paves the way for disruptive innovation and continuous manufacturing enabling Right First Time using Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Quality by Design.


We have analytical solutions for:

  • Drug discovery
  • Formulation development
  • Product and process optimisation
  • Monitoring of product and process quality (CQA/CPP)
  • Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
  • Continuous manufacturing (PAT)
  • Real-time release testing
  • Data management for PAT data
  • Continuous Process Verification (CPV)
  • Quality by Design (QbD)

You get faster, better answers to real-world problems:

  • Create sampling plans to efficiently find new drug candidates
  • Develop optimal formulations with respect to cost, functionality, stability etc.
  • Reduce time-to-market by reducing product development time
  • Save cost and time with efficient scale-up and site tranfer
  • Minimise production cost by process and product optimisation
  • Optimise production yields, process efficiency and capacity utilisation (OEE)
  • Monitor manufacturing operations to assure and document quality for faster release
  • Non-invasive in-line control of quality and composition
  • More effective CPV and other regulatory reporting requirements
  • Compliant data handling, model execution and reporting (GMP)

Camo in the pharmaceutical industry

21 out of the 25 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world use Camo

Pharmaceutical companies of all sizes use Camo

Two GMP audits passed with best audit outcome in the last 12 months

A compliant analytics suite for PAT in GMP environments

The Unscrambler suite of PAT tools provides you with full control of your data from development to production and simplifies the move from lab to pilot to production, for more profitable processes, less deviations and higher yields.

Product development

Developing new products is a costly and time-consuming task. Using the Unscrambler suite you can accelerate product development and time to market. Create sampling plans to efficiently find new drug candidates and develop optimal formulations with respect to cost, functionality and stability.

Production optimisation

When looking to improve production yields, process efficiency or Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) it is difficult to know exactly what will drive the best outcomes. Modelling and optimising your processes with the Unscrambler analytics suite will provide you valuable insights on which factors that will have the highest impact on performance and outcomes.

Process control

Monitor and control the health and performance of your manufacturing processes with the Unscrambler suite to keep your batch and continuous operations running smoothly. With the Unscrambler real-time tools you get intuitive multivariate control charts with early fault detection and process deviation warnings, so operators can stop quality or inconsistency problems from happening.

Quality assurance

No matter how you measure and assess the desired quality of your products, with the Unscrambler suite you can ensure that the quality of every single product is exactly right. The Unscrambler real-time tools monitors the quality in each step of the process and provides a precise assessment of the composition, physical and sensory properties of each product, ensuring documented quality for faster release.


A compliant analytics suite for GMP environments

The Unscrambler suite is designed to ensure data integrity and compliance at every stage from research and development through to production with compliance mode, electronic signatures, user authentication and audit trails.

Right First Time using Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Quality by Design

Fully integrated and compliant suite of PAT tools to improve quality throughout your manufacturing operations, documentation procedures and laboratories for optimal product quality, reduced cycle times and continuous process improvement.
Powerful multivariate analysis tool that support the lifecycle of a product, with unique capabilities for spectroscopy and chemometrics, and support for Python.
Alleviate the pain

Examples of PAT applications

The Camo PAT solutions effectively address complex problems and deliver timely insights to quickly solve problems and ensure quality and outcomes. All while being compliant.

Batch monitoring

Spot and stop batch deviations to ensure product quality and reduce waste. Explore

Drying optimisation

Prevent incorrect moisture levels from affecting production time and quality Explore

Reaction monitoring

Start and stop reactions at precisely the right time to ensure product quality. Explore

Blend monitoring

Quickly identify and handle problems to ensure blend quality and reduce waste. Explore

Fermentation monitoring

Detect and alleviate deviations to ensure as desired fermentation every time Explore

Solve another problem

The flexibility to solve problems with the Camo PAT platform is second to none. Explore

Continuous manufacturing

Ensure quality at every step of the process to dramatically reduce waste. Explore

Quality monitoring

Quickly identify quality variations to ensure consistent quality and safety (CQP). Explore
For any process environment

Powerful and flexible PAT platform

The Process Pulse PAT platform are optimised for real-time streaming and analysis of data from multitudes of systems and sensors. The platform is flexible, easy to integrate and accelerates the move from lab to pilot to production.

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