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Whatever your industry or application, if you have large or complex data sets, multivariate analysis can help you understand the important relationships and make more accurate predictions. From Aerospace to Zoology, companies and research institutes worldwide are using the power of multivariate analysis to turn their data into decisions.

Select your industry from the list below or contact us to discuss how you can apply multivariate analysis to your data.

Aerospace & Defense

Despite weathering the downturn better than most, the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry is under pressure to deliver innovative, quality products while cutting costs and delivering large and expensive programs on time. »

Industry Agriculture

In order to meet the needs of a rapidly growing population, agricultural companies today are having to cope with high energy prices, climate change, and concerns about environment, while at the same time managing traditional factors such as improving crop yields and minimizing the damage from pests and disease. »

Industry Automotive

With increasing competition and weak demand in some sectors, automotive manufacturers must reduce costs, minimize waste, and speed up time to market. Added to this, the drive to produce both conventional and “green” vehicles with smaller teams and less time, the challenges for automotive engineers are considerable. »

Industry Banking & Financial Services

With enormous volumes of data and huge values involved, the financial services sector is increasingly looking for more powerful analysis and better forecasting tools to get a competitive advantage. Added to this, tighter regulation and demands from clients are also driving the need for more robust modeling and data management. »

Industry Chemicals

The chemical industry has in many respects lead the way in using advanced process controls and analytics. However, with challenges in the form of high energy costs, ever increasing environmental and safety issues, the emergence of major players in developing countries and a mature and saturated Western market, companies throughout the sector need to optimize their R&D and manufacturing processes even further. »

Food & Beverages

With record-high commodity prices, the growing strength of private label brands and increased competition from players in emerging markets, high-quality, branded food and beverage manufacturers are under pressure. Meanwhile, regulation and industry requirements for quality and traceability are tightening, with greater demands for the scientific verification of product claims, as well as ensuring the safety of product ingredients in light of product recalls for salmonella poisoning, among others. »

Industrial Manufacturing

The increasing complexity of industrial manufacturing products and plants combined with the high cost of energy and raw materials requires industrial manufacturers to operate more efficiently than ever. The challenges faced today are helping accelerate the adoption of process automation technology and greater innovation in the R&D stage in order to cut manufacturing costs and improve product quality. »

Marketing & Advertising

As most marketing professionals have experienced, theirs is one of the first budgets to be squeezed in a challenging economy, but at the same time, the pressure to produce better results and drive sales increases. »

Medical Devices

As technology advances and capabilities in diagnosis, treatment and condition management increase, suppliers in this burgeoning market are looking for ways to develop a wider range of more sophisticated products, faster & easier. »

Mining & Metals

Despite high commodity prices, the metals and mining industry is faced with increasing raw material and energy costs, driving the need to optimize processes throughout the sector. And while demand continues to grow in Asia and Brazil, other segments of the market remain subdued, encouraging companies to look towards innovation to improve efficiency. »

Oil & Gas

With high oil prices and ever-increasing demand, upstream, downstream and oil field service companies are profiting handsomely. However, more and more oil and gas companies are investing in improved process control and data analytics to optimize their operations and give them a competitive advantage. »

Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

With the cost of developing a new molecule estimated to have reached $1 billion, expiring patents, increasing competition among generics manufacturers and the growing power of low-cost manufacturing countries, almost all players in the pharmaceutical value chain are facing unprecedented pressures to reduce costs. At the same time, a growing middle class in many developing nations, an aging demographic across the western world, and rapid advances in technology offer massive opportunities for the industry. »

Paper & Pulp Products

As the demand for paper declines in mature markets partly with the increase in consumption of digital media, the need for pulp and paper manufacturers to optimize their use raw materials and processes is greater than ever. »


Research organizations are increasingly using multivariate data analysis to get deeper, more accurate insights needed to make the scientific breakthroughs that drive industry and education. At CAMO Software, we are proud to have worked for many years with prestigious universities and research institutions around the world, providing them with the analytical tools needed for their important work. »

Semiconductors & Electronics

The movement towards environmentally friendly products, including ‘green’ cars and more efficient energy use, coupled with the growing use of mobile phones and personal communications, is driving demand for semiconductors and sophisticated electronics worldwide. Semiconductor manufacturers today need to be constantly developing new materials and technologies to meet these needs.»