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Marketing & Advertising

As most marketing professionals have experienced, theirs is one of the first budgets to be squeezed in a challenging economy, but at the same time, the pressure to produce better results and drive sales increases.

Since the growth in email, online and social marketing, the availability of real-time metrics has given marketers increasingly sophisticated analytics to use in their strategies and campaigns. Yet most still rely on classical statistics and applications that only show part of the picture.

Especially when faced with large, complex data bases, traditional statistical analysis may not only provide insufficient information, but may also be fundamentally incorrect as it doesn’t consider all the necessary factors. Multivariate data analysis (MVA) is a study in “the big picture”; instead of looking at variables two-by-two it considers them and their relationships as an entirety. Particularly within fields like marketing that work with humans and their ever-evolving, complicated motivations, it takes intelligent software to power intelligent solutions.

Today’s marketing and advertising thought-leaders are using MVA to get deeper insights, more robust forecasts and predictive models, and ultimately make better decisions that drive improved results.

Multivariate analysis helps answer many of the fundamental questions facing advertisers and marketers, including:

  • Segmentation: Identify customers or segments and group into clusters based on behavior, values or other attributes, before analyzing how those groups relate to one another
  • Prospecting: Determine which attributes distinguish prospects with the highest likelihood of purchase
  • Develop products with attributes that are valued by certain customers groups
  • Prediction of how a customer base will develop; anticipate their wants and needs early enough to get a competitive edge
  • Create more effective campaigns by identifying the optimal mix of messaging, offer and target market etc.
  • Analyzing already implemented marketing strategies to infer their effectiveness
  • Characterizing different effects on supplier/buyer relationships

As pioneers in MVA, our software and solutions have been tried and tested for over 25 years. They offer the power of advanced regression and classification tools but are elegantly simple and easy to use, designed both for industrial and private use. Now you can benefit from the power of multivariate analysis for deeper, data driven insights to create even more effective advertising and marketing campaigns.

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