Internships for people that want to make a difference.

We’re not about coffee runs and boring busywork. A Camo internship is focused on development and we’ll help you grow professionally. From contributing analytical code to improving insights for our customers, the potential to make a real impact is huge.

We are looking for analytical students that dream in code and are excited about the potential of using data to solve complex industrial problems – which is at the core of what Camo does.

So if you are a highly technical mind ready to create cutting-edge analytical solutions or if you’re a Python aficionado we want you to join our team. Either in our office at the Oslo Science Park or virtually wherever you live.

Send us some lines about about yourself, your background and why we should choose you for the internship.

We are on a mission

People + Science + Passion =
Analytics that makes a difference

We’re setting the standard for industrial analytics, and everything we do is aimed at achieving a common goal: To make industrial analytics accessible, usable and valuable to everyone, so they can make a difference.

Work with industry leading tools

Unscrambler is the industry leading tool for modeling, prediction and optimisation using powerful analytics and interactive visualisation.
Building on the industry leading tool for spectroscopy, Unscrambler HSI sets the standard for insights from explorative, multivariate analysis of hyperspectral images.
Unlimited analytical power

Discover the unlimited power of Unscrambler with Python: Choose from thousands of free Python scripts for import, preprocessing and machine learning, and enjoy the fully compliant framework for model validation in Unscrambler.