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Maximize your analytical skills and accelerate your organisation’s success using Camo tools and solutions with our flexible training options to suit different learning preferences, skill levels and user roles.

Our comprehensive instructor-led training gets you up-to-speed quicker than ever – online or in-person.

However, due to the current situation most of our in-person courses are postponed until further notice. In the meantime we recommend that you attend our online training.

Public training.

We provide training in Design of Experiments, multivariate data analysis, spectroscopy, sensometrics and chemometrics in multiple languages. The courses are focused on giving you the practical knowledge necessary to perform analysis and interpret results in your daily work. The courses are two or three days long and no prior training in statistics is needed to get started.

Onsite training.

With onsite training, our courses become even more valuable. They will be held at your premises, and use real-world data from your business during the course to produce results you can apply immediately. Our instructor works with you to define your objectives and build the content to address specific requirements.

Learn today, use tomorrow.

Our courses are addressed to data scientists, engineers, operators and other professionals from R&D to production. You will learn how to use the different analysis methods through relevant examples and practical exercises from professional trainers with extensive theoretical and real-world experience. We have training for people who are new to analysis or people who want to take it to the next level.

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Book: An introduction to Multivariate Analysis.

All updated 6th edition of the best selling book on chemometrics and multivariate techniques, covering PLS, PCA, TOS, DoE and much more.

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