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CAMO Software AS announces a strategic partnership agreement with FOSS NIRSystems, Inc

New Jersey, USA - June 20, 2007: CAMO Software AS, a pioneer in the multivariate statistical software market, announces a strategic collaboration agreement with FOSS NIRSystems, a provider of analytical instrumentation, to integrate CAMO's OLUP (Online Unscrambler Predictor) into FOSS NIRSystems VisionT software. All NIR analyzers from FOSS NIRSystems will be able to use The Unscrambler® models and to perform online prediction.

Lars Österberg, CAMO's President and CEO stated, "FOSS NIRSystems has been a valued partner of CAMO for years and we are pleased to introduce our new Strategic OEM program with the announcement of this agreement"

"With The Unscrambler® we provide our customers with software for method and model development which meets researchers' needs for an advanced analytical tool and industry's demand for efficiency" said Dr. Philip Irving, President of FOSS NIRSystems, Inc.

About CAMO Software Inc:

CAMO Software AS is a leading provider of multivariate data analysis software solutions and services across verticals. Since 1984 CAMO has developed solutions that uncover information hidden inside various forms of data and enable companies to improve their manufacturing processes and understanding of their products. CAMO Software AS is headquartered in Oslo, Norway with sales and development offices in NJ, USA and Bangalore, India.

About FOSS NIRSystems, Inc:

FOSS NIRSystems, Inc. is a unit of FOSS A/S of Denmark, one of the world's leading manufacturers of analytical instruments. Headquartered in Laurel, MD, FOSS NIRSystems provides a complete range of rapid scanning, near-infrared spectrophotometers for laboratory and process applications. Sales, service, and support offices are located on nearly every continent to assist local personnel in 65 industrial centers worldwide.

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