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CAMO Software Partners with Shimadzu Scientific Instruments to Expand Multivariate Data Analysis Solutions for FTIR Spectrophotometry

CAMO Software is pleased to announce Shimadzu Scientific Instruments as a partner to Expand its reach in multivariate data analysis solutions for FTIR SpectroPhotometry. This is an important strategic partnering to explore its capabilities in FTIR segments.

CAMO Software Partners with
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

Oslo, Norway - February 11, 2010: CAMO Software, a leading scientific software development company, and Shimadzu Scientific Instruments have announced a partnership that will enable Shimadzu to expand its capabilities for FTIR spectrophotometry. Shimadzu will now provide CAMO Software’s multivariate data analysis (MVDA) software, The Unscrambler® to FTIR customers requiring chemometric analysis.

The Unscrambler® is a complete Multivariate Analysis and Experimental Design (DoE) software solution that is equipped with powerful methods, including PCA, Multivariate Curve Resolution (MCR), PLS Regression, 3-Way PLS Regression, Clustering (K-Means), SIMCA and PLSDA Classification.

“Multivariate quantitation and other statistical data analyses are required in nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and food technology,” said John Monti, Ph.D., spectroscopy product manager for Shimadzu. “With the availability of The Unscrambler®, from CAMO Software, Shimadzu can now offer R&D and QA in these industries, a more complete FTIR solution.”

Shimadzu’s FTIR customers will now benefit from The Unscrambler® features, including exploratory analysis, multivariate regression analysis, classification and experimental design.

“We are extremely happy to partner with Shimadzu and offer our solutions as a value-added service to their customers in North America , Latin America and the Caribbean . We are planning to equip Shimadzu’s large sales force with appropriate help that can provide leading MVDA solutions to its valued customers,” said Saby Goswami, Vice President - Sales for North America and Asia, CAMO Software.

For more information on The Unscrambler® software, visit www.camo.com and download the 30-day trial. For more information on Shimadzu’s FTIR instruments, visit http://www.ssi.shimadzu.com/products/products.cfm?subcatlink=ftirspec.


About CAMO

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, CAMO Software is a leading scientific and sensory software development company offering a complete range of multivariate data analysis solutions, which can be used to assist to implement a process of analytical technology (PAT) and quality by design (QbD) into their facilities.

For further press information, please visit www.camo.com

About Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) is the American subsidiary of Shimadzu Corp., headquartered in Kyoto , Japan . Founded in 1875, Shimadzu is a $2 billion multinational corporation with three major divisions: Medical Diagnostics, Aerospace/Industrial and Analytical Instruments. The Analytical Instruments division is one of the world's largest manufacturers of analytical instrumentation and environmental monitoring equipment. In 1975, SSI corporate headquarters was established in Columbia , Md. , to provide analytical solutions to laboratories in North, Central and parts of South America . In the United States , SSI has a network of more than 50 locations providing local and regional sales, service and technical support.

For further information, please visit www.ssi.shimadzu.com

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