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CAMO Software appoints Solutions 4U as reseller for Malaysia & Singapore

CAMO Software is pleased to announce the appointment of Solutions 4U as its reseller for the sales & support of CAMO software & solutions in Malaysia and Singapore. The appointment authorizes Solutions 4U to extend CAMO’s excellence in multivariate data analysis and design of experiments solutions, to its domestic market.

CAMO appoints Solutions 4u as resellers

Malaysia & Singapore - December 8, 2009: CAMO Software, a leading supplier of multivariate analysis (MVA) and Design of Experiments (DoE) software, today announced an agreement with Solutions 4U for the sales and support of CAMO products in the Malaysian and Singapore markets.

We have experienced a rapidly growing involvement of the educational and research establishments in the recent time. These are encouraging for the industry which will largely benefit through the expanding knowledge of multivariate data analysis and design of experiments methods and tools. Our partnership with Solutions 4U will continue to allow users in Malaysia & Singapore to purchase their products from a local vendor and to have the support of a local representative” said a CAMO spokesman.

CAMO Software has a long standing reputation for quality software and solutions in multivariate data analysis (MVA) and design of experiments (DoE) to academic, industrial and research organisations. The addition of Solutions 4U to CAMO Software's network of international resellers will allow it to extend the logistical and customer service needs of its Malaysia and Singapore based academic, government, and corporate customers.

“I am confident with the addition of CAMO Software to Solutions 4U, we would be able to provide a complete and cost effective solutions to our clients with the most appropriate tools to suite all research applications” says Cowen Tan, Business Development Manager Solutions 4U Sdn Bhd. “We see strong demand for multivariate data analysis within the Malaysia and Singapore markets and this certainly is a good opportunity to capture the interest of the R&D and manufacturing sectors here”.


About CAMO

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, CAMO Software is a leading scientific and sensory software development company offering a complete range of multivariate data analysis solutions, which can be used to assist to implement a process of analytical technology (PAT) and quality by design (QbD) into their facilities.

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About Solutions 4U

Solutions 4U, based in Singapore and Malaysia provides the leading technological products, computational software, professional training, technical services and consultancy for engineers, scientists, and technical professionals. We are proud of our reputation as one of the Asia most efficient and technically able suppliers in our field. We have achieved and maintain this reputation by a strategy of technical expertise, an ethical business model, the provision of enterprise solutions and a highly efficient and responsive approach to customer.

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