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CAMO Software releases The Unscrambler 9.8 series

New Unscrambler 9.8 provides De-trending and PCA projection to enhance its current multivariate data analysis capabilities

Oslo, Norway - September 15, 2008: In a statement released today, CAMO Software AS announced the launch of The Unscrambler® 9.8. CAMO also compliments this launch with a series of updates for Unscrambler Predictor, Unscrambler Classifier and Unscrambler Optimizer. According to the statement, the new version of The Unscrambler addresses the needs of a wider range of data analysts, thanks to the implementation De-trending and PCA projection and more.

De-trending (DT) is a transformation which seeks to remove non-linear trends in spectroscopic data. Standard normal variate (SNV) and DT in combination reduce multi co-linearity, baseline shift and curvature. These transformations are applied to individual spectra and are distinct from other transformations which operate at each wavelength in a given set of spectra.

"We are excited to announce this version of The Unscrambler," says Ravi Upadhyaya, Vice President, Research & Development for CAMO Software AS. "The product is the result of an outstanding technical collaboration between CAMO and our customer advisors, who have helped us to ensure that this release meets their need for ease-of-use, analysis of real world data and a high level of integration in The Unscrambler range, along with third-party instrument and softwares. This version, is now equipped with ability to read Varian and Omnic (Thermo) spectral data in addition to its existing long list of 3rd party software and instrument support "

CAMO also plans to premiere, The Unscrambler 9.8 during the series of on-going webinar on "Announcing The Unscrambler 9.8" starting September 22, 2008.

The Unscrambler® is the complete Multivariate Analysis and Experimental Design software, equipped with powerful methods including PCA, Multivariate Curve Resolution (MCR), PLS regression, 3-Way PLS regression, Clustering (K-Means), SIMCA and PLS-DA Classification etc.

This Software is extensively used across a wide range of research and industrial applications including advanced Chemometrics, Spectroscopy and cutting-edge Sensometrics, this market leading software yields demand-driven formulations, process optimization, cost- savings and increased ROI in product development, process control, quality control and R&D.

The Unscrambler® 9.8 is available for immediate shipment. Product configuration and pricing information are available from CAMO. Additional product details and FREE TRIALS are available at www.camo.com.

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Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, CAMO Software is a leading scientific and sensory software company that specializes in multivariate data analysis, visualization and workflow management. The Unscrambler® Software Suite is a leading Multivariate Data Analysis and Chemometrics solution used by most of the major pharmaceutical, chemical, oil & gas, consumer products and material companies. CAMO Software's passion is the comprehension and simplification of complex data, resulting in efficient identification, cost, research and design as well as faster analytical results.

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