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CAMO Software hosts PAT Seminar Series "Innovative approaches to Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing"

Events Designed to illustrate the Power of PAT and QbD for the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industry

Oslo, Norway - December 29, 2008: Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD) have been buzz words in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries for a number of years now and based on the literature and guidance documents available, these initiatives are gaining real momentum. Today's pharmaceutical manufacturers are under more pressure than ever to increase capacity utilization, reduce cycle times and improve manufacturing efficiencies. Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is well positioned to have a significant impact on pharmaceutical manufacturing and to drive greater efficiency and utilization.

CAMO Software maintains themselves at the forefront of the PAT initiatives. The company is hosting free seminars in multiple locations around Europe designed to illustrate how PAT can help today's pharmaceutical manufacturers to drive development and manufacturing excellence. Seminar dates and locations include:

 Seminar to illustrate the power of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD) for the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industry


London, UK - January 27

Frankfurt, Germany - February 04

Paris, France - February 06

Milan, Italy - February 09

Copenhagen, Denmark - February 12


"PAT and QbD, now more than ever, represents the future of global pharmaceutical development and manufacturing" says Brad Swarbrick, Pharmaceutical Business Development Manager, CAMO Software. "Having the right systems in place with the right data analysis tools will mean the difference between a successful implementation and failure."

The seminar will include all aspects along with discussions on CAMO Software solutions (both old and new) for addressing these topics. Some strategic alliances with process monitoring technology and quality system vendors will also be included. Included will be presentations from various respected guest speakers on an integrated PAT solution with comprehensive product offerings.

The seminars will run from 9:00 to 16:30 each day and breakfast and lunch will be provided. Space is limited. To register today, visit www.camo.com.


About CAMO

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, CAMO Software is a leading scientific and sensory software development company offering a complete range of multivariate data analysis solutions, which can be used to assist to implement a process of analytical technology (PAT) and quality by design (QbD) into their facilities.

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