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CAMO partners with MUST to develop integrated software package

CAMO, a leader in the multivariate statistical software market has recently concluded a strategic collaboration agreement with MUST, to develop and deliver an integrated software product package namely, CAMO CIMS powered by MUST.

According to the terms of the partnership, the companies will jointly undertake the initial development and testing of CIMS, which is an integration of existing softwares: The Unscrambler®, MUST Predict! and MUST Connect! On successful completion, the software will become a part of CAMO's Product Portfolio and will be launched and marketed worldwide by the CAMO Sales Team. It is the intention of CAMO and MUST to develop a mutual beneficial effort to support the development and sales of CIMS during the term of this agreement.

The Unscrambler® is among the preferred multivariate softwares available in the market today. The powerful features of the software enable users to discover patterns in data that traditional methods cannot reveal. Equipped with the best visualization and graphic capabilities, the comprehensive software is widely used by companies in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Chemical, Food & Beverage and Manufacturing domains.

MUST Connect! and MUST Predict! are softwares developed by MUST AS. The MUST Connect! software enables inter-connecting data sources like instruments and databases with calibration tools and online estimators. It is a very flexible product, and may even be used as a Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS). MUST Predict! software is used for making robust predictions and updating of models.

The integration of The Unscrambler®, Must Predict! and Must Connect! brings together the most powerful analytical software with the most effective modeling and data handling softwares. A good amalgamation of three powerful products makes CIMS one of the most comprehensive and robust analytical and data modeling software available in the market. Thereby enabling Method developers and NIR experts to conduct difficult experiments, multivariate calibration, analyze and interpret complex data and ensure PAT compliance by using this single statistical package.

A spokesperson from CAMO stated that, "According to the agreement, we will now combine The Unscrambler® with MUST Predict! and MUST Connect! This will enable MUST AS to leverage CAMO's long-standing expertise in Multivariate Statistical Analysis. Moreover, this collaboration will help us to further establish our position as leading developers and suppliers of advanced multivariate statistical software products and solutions, in the spectroscopy and chemometric domain."

About CAMO

A leading multivariate analysis software products and IT services group, CAMO was established by Dr. Arne Tyssø in 1984, at Trondheim , Norway . A pioneer in the field of Multivariate data analysis software products and solutions, the company offers the most definitive analytical modeling, prediction and optimization. The company's flagship simulation and prediction software products are, The Unscrambler®, OLUP/OLUC (End User) 1.0 and Product Optimizer. The company has its global headquarters in Oslo, Norway with regional offices in NJ, USA and Bangalore, India. For more details, visit www.camo.com

About MUST

MUST AS is a newly established software company, based in Porsgrunn , Norway . Located at the Centre of Innovation and Technology, the company is involved in developing and implementing software solutions based on chemometrics and multivariate data analysis to industrial customers. MUST CIMS, MUST Analyze, MUST Connect! and MUST Predict! are some of the well-known software products that have been developed by MUST AS.

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