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CAMO Software signs Charpa Techcentre with aim to launch Multivariate Analysis solutions in Thailand

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CAMO Software signs Charpa Techcentre with aim to launch Multivariate Analysis solutions in Thailand

Bangalore, India - January 25, 2008: CAMO Software, a leading scientific computing company, today announced that it has signed a value added reseller (VAR) agreement with Charpa Techcentre, Thailand, a comprehensive analytical service provider, located in Thailand. Charpa possesses a dominant position in the Thai Food & Beverages and analytical instrument industry, with a focus on professional services, software development, training, and solutions. Charpa also targets the pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and petroleum industries.

Under the terms of the agreement, Charpa will act as an independent VAR of CAMO Software, and will market, sell, implement, and support The Unscrambler® in various industries in the Thai markets.

The Unscrambler® is a complete Multivariate Analysis, Chemometric and Experimental Design software, equipped with powerful methods including PCA, Multivariate Curve Resolution (MCR), PLS regression, 3-Way PLS regression, Clustering (K-Means), SIMCA and PLS-DA Classification etc. This market-leading software is extensively used across a wide range of research and industrial applications, including advanced Chemometrics, Spectroscopy and cutting-edge Sensometrics.

"For the past 12 years, Charpa has grown in size and presence in Thailand, helping many companies improve its product fomulation and process stages with tailor-made solutions," stated Adisak Intapichet, Managing Director, Charpa Techncenter. "We are very excited about the prospect of extending CAMO's MVA & Spectroscopy training programs and solutions to the opportunities across Thailand."

"We are delighted to be offering The Unscrambler® technology to the Thai market," stated Ms Rattanan Pannarunotai, Assistant Managing Director, Charpa Techcenter. "We see strong demand for such a product within the Thai market, and, we believe that there exists a strong synergy between CAMO Software and various services that Charpa offers to the industry sectors. This product will certainly fill in the gap that exists in Thailand."

"There is a growing trend of more food, oil and pharma companies invest for research and development. CAMO, together with its new partner, is well placed to offer its solution along with its popular Multivariate, DoE and Sensory training programs extended in Thai language." says Sabysachi Goswami, Vice President (Sales)- Asia, CAMO Software

More information and updates can be found at www.camo.com.


About Charpa Techcenter

Charpa Techcenter, is Thailand's leading distributors for various laboratory instruments applicable to food industry. Headquartered in Bangkok, Charpa provides a complete range of services including training, workshops, and seminars to help the business to get the best value from investing in the products.


About CAMO Software

As pioneers in Multivariate Data Analysis software products, CAMO Software (publicly listed in Norway OTC) offers the most definitive analytical modeling, prediction and optimization solutions. CAMO's flagship simulation and prediction software products are The Unscrambler® and the Product Optimizer.

Headquartered in Oslo, CAMO's passion is the comprehension and simplification of complex data, resulting in efficient identification, cost, research and design, as well as faster analytical results. This allows our clients to provide an accelerated return on investment from development and manufacturing functions.

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