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CAMO Software launches The Unscrambler® 9.6

" CAMO, leading developers of multivariate analysis software launch The Unscrambler® 9.6. The latest version of the established software comes equipped with new features including among other unsupervised classification and new data smoothing pretreatments. A 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software, The Unscrambler® is effectively used in domains as varied as Food and Beverages, Oil and Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology."

Oslo, Norway - May 10, 2006: In a statement released today, CAMO Software AS announced the launch of The Unscrambler® 9.6. According to the statement, the new version of the software addresses the needs of a wider range of data analysists thanks to the implementation of an unsupervised classification feature using a K-Means clustering algorithm. The new version also contains a set of enhancements dedicated more specifically to the analysis of spectral data: a new model size "Micro models" is offered, which allows to reduce disk space for saving model files; automatic pretreatments, for usage of models in on-line predictions, can now be registered in all model sizes; new smoothing options, median and Gaussian filtering, were implemented; last, the software now supports Brimrose *.dat data file format in direct import. The fact that The Unscrambler® v9.6 further complies with the FDA's 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines, by ensuring that passwords expire after a 70-day period, and by offering a possibility to l ock data sets from editing, is a telling testament on CAMO Software's dedicated attention to the Pharmaceutical market.

All things considered, The Unscrambler® 9.6 is a more complete version of the intrinsic product which will further satisfy existing users, as well as attract new users.

All scientists and data analysts interested in experiencing the product's potential and benefits, may download a free 30 day trial of The Unscrambler® 9.6 at http://www.camo.com

About CAMO:

A leading multivariate analysis software products and IT services group, CAMO was established by Dr. Arne Tyssø in 1984, in Trondheim , Norway . A pioneer in the field of Multivariate data analysis software products and solutions, the company offers the most definitive analytical modeling, prediction and optimization. The company's flagship modellisation, prediction and optimization software products are The Unscrambler®, Unscrambler Online and Product Optimizer. The company has its global headquarters in Oslo , Norway , with regional offices in Woodbridge , NJ USA , and Bangalore , India .


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