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CAMO Software provides advanced data analysis capabilities for ABB’s 800xA Extended Automation system; interface is one of the first built on the OPC-UA ADI specification

27 September 2012, Oslo, Norway: CAMO Software’s newly released Unscrambler® X ADI Insight Server will provide advanced predictive analysis capabilities for ABB’s System 800xA automation system via the 800xA Analyzer Device Integration Connect (ADIc), launched today.

The Unscrambler® X ADI Insight Server is the first multivariate data analysis (chemometric) software to follow the OPC-UA ADI specifications. It applies powerful multivariate models in real-time to data collected from any analytical instrument or process device that follows the OPC ADI standard.

Multivariate data analysis, often referred to as chemometrics, is a set of powerful analytical methods that cut through complex data sets to identify patterns and relationships. It is increasingly used in industry to gain deeper product and process understanding and build better predictive models of quality.

The Unscrambler® X ADI Insight Server works by seamlessly integrating a model server into the 800xA platform using the OPC-UA ADI specification. In this way, a repository of Unscrambler® X models is made available to use concurrently. After 800xA has ´called´ an analyzer or process device for a measurement, it also calls the ADI Insight Server for the predictive model specific to that product/analyzer combination.

Complex manufacturing processes today are often influenced by a large number of variables. This requires advanced multivariate models to give a clearer picture of the ´health´ of a process in a timely manner and highlight the critical variables affecting it.

ABB´s System 800xA ADIc minimizes the dependence on vendor specific analytical packages and leverages CAMO Software´s leading multivariate modeling capabilities through the ADI Insight Server. It is the first control system to fully implement the OPC-UA ADI specification for chemometric model utilization, enabling organizations to analyze data from almost any instrument or process device within their operations.

The benefits to client organizations include:

  • Deeper data insights using advanced Unscrambler® X data analysis capabilities
  • Improved return on investment in analytical instruments by using a vendor neutral platform
  • Use of powerful multivariate predictive models to identify potential process failures and feed this information back into a control system for real-time decision making
  • More effectively implement Quality by Design (QbD), Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and continuous improvement programs

Paal Braathen, CEO of CAMO Software, said, "We are pleased to be working with ABB, a market leader in automation technologies. The Unscrambler® X has a long established reputation as leading multivariate data analysis software, and our new ADI Insight Server enables organizations to benefit from that power across multiple devices without being tied to a specific vendor."

Brad Swarbrick, Vice President of Business Development at CAMO Software, adds, "It has always been our goal to share the power of multivariate analysis with all industry users. ADI Insight Server fulfills that goal by providing a vendor free platform allowing any instrument or process device to utilise the benefits of Unscrambler® X models for business critical decision making."

"This collaboration with the innovative team at CAMO Software provides our customers with even more ability to make sense of their complex process data, so they can take actions that will improve their overall process efficiency and product quality," said Tobias Becker, head of ABB´s Control Technologies business. "This new device interface provides 800xA customers with another leading-edge process tool to help them reach their manufacturing excellence goals."

ABB System 800xA ADIc will be launched today at ABB’s showcase event in Budapest, Hungary. CAMO´s Unscrambler® X ADI Insight Server will be demonstrated as part of this event.

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