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CAMO Software announces the market release of its much anticipated ‘The Unscrambler® X' - All-In-One Multivariate Data Analysis and Design of Experiments Package

CAMO Software is pleased to announce the market release of its All-In-One multivariate data analysis and design of experiment package – The Unscrambler® X

The Unscrambler® X

CAMO Software releases
The Unscrambler® X

Oslo, Norway - April 28, 2010 : CAMO Software AS, has today announced the global market release of its All-In-One Multivariate Data Analysis (MVA) and Design of Experiments (DoE) software - The Unscrambler® X. Coinciding with 25 years of excellence in providing innovative data analysis products and solutions, The Unscrambler® X is the result of a massive redevelopment project aimed at providing our users with the most up-to-date advances in multivariate analysis and to ensure our continued dominance in this most important market.

The Unscrambler® X is the first release of CAMO Software’s new Generation X (GenX) family of products. Redesigned with greater ease of use in mind and building on well-established features our users have come to know and trust, The Unscrambler® X is focused on a wider range of applications and domains. Bringing the user experience to a new level of professionalism,
The Unscrambler® X provides superior visualization of results through advanced graphics and an intuitive workflow to help our clients achieve their goals in a flexible and adaptive environment.

"The Unscrambler® X with its revolutionary plug-in architecture now reaches out to a wider audience, while still maintaining a strong focus on our spectroscopic users. Importantly, this will enable CAMO to now focus on the online analytical space." says Katherine Bakeev, Chief Scientist, CAMO Software. "Areas such as metabolomics and sensory science will also benefit from the new key features and superior graphical output of the new The Unscrambler® X ."

"The GenX family of products is also process-focused in its approach, with new developments being driven by initiatives such as Quality by Design (QbD) and Continuous Improvement (CI). The Unscrambler® X was designed to meet the new challenges that both industry and research institutions face, by providing adaptability and flexibility in analysis. This has always been a key objective of CAMO Software." says Brad Swarbrick, Product Manager and Vice President, CAMO Software AS.

The new product will continue to be distributed through CAMO Software's international sales offices, its resellers and OEM partners. CAMO Software has also announced a series of free webinars, for various global time zones, to introduce this next generation multivariate analysis tool. “Current users of The Unscrambler® are encouraged to upgrade to the new Unscrambler® X, in preparation for the next release of The Unscrambler® GenX family of products, including Unscrambler Online, for real time process monitoring." explained a CAMO Software spokesperson.

"CAMO Software has a renewed commitment to Design of Experiments (DoE), with a comprehensive overhaul of the existing module. Products like new Unscrambler Online will also provide a user friendly approach to Multivariate Statistical Process Monitoring (MSPM). Combining the power of The Unscrambler® X, the Unscrambler Online uses generated models for real time quality applications and advanced data visualization" explains Sverre Stange, CEO, CAMO Software.

For more information on The Unscrambler® X, visit our website at www.camo.com and download the 30-day trial, or contact one of our representatives for any further details.

About CAMO

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, CAMO Software is a leading scientific software development company offering a complete range of multivariate data analysis and design of experiments solutions. These tools can be used in applications ranging from product development, spectroscopic analysis of agricultural or petrochemical products and pharmaceutical/ biopharmaceutics applications. CAMO Software's specialist in-house experts can also provide assistance with the implementation of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD) tools into their facilities, through our various solutions.

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