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Duquesne University Center for Pharmaceutical Technology chooses The Unscrambler® X multivariate data analysis software for chemometrics analysis.

Oslo, Norway: 13 September 2012: CAMO Software has announced they will be providing their advanced multivariate data analysis software, The Unscrambler® X, to the Duquesne University Center for Pharmaceutical Technology (DCPT) for use in their pharmaceutical manufacturing research and chemometrics related courses.

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, DCPT is a Center of Excellence focused on advancing manufacturing safety, quality and efficiency in the pharmaceutical sector through the application of relevant technologies. Clients and collaborators in the center include industry participants, other academic institutions, regulatory authorities, equipment vendors and private consultants.

DCPT has chosen to use The Unscrambler® X software as a key tool for chemometrics teaching, training and research. The courses and workshops will cover topics such as the practical implementation of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD) initiatives.

CAMO Software and the DCPT will also work together on:

  • Commercial projects with pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Training programs for academic, regulatory and commercial clients
  • Educational workshops focused on the practical application of multivariate analysis in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Dr. Carl Anderson, a founder of the DCPT, said, "We are happy to partner with CAMO because The Unscrambler® X software is a widely used and accepted tool for chemometric analysis. It incorporates the most recent advances in the field combined with an intuitive user interface."

Paal Braathen, CEO of CAMO Software, said, "The Duquesne University Center for Pharmaceutical Technology has an excellent reputation in the industry, so we are very pleased they have chosen to use The Unscrambler® X for their chemometrics software".

"The DCPT provides valuable training and services, enabling their clients to benefit from advanced manufacturing techniques, essential in today´s economy and to educate the future pharmaceutical scientists. The use of powerful multivariate analysis for better product and process understanding plays an important role in helping organizations get a competitive advantage from their data."

Multivariate data analysis, often referred to as chemometrics, is a set of advanced analytical methods that cut through complex data to identify patterns, relationships and build powerful predictive models. The Unscrambler® X software is recognized as a leading multivariate analysis package and is widely used by pharmaceutical manufacturers for analyzing their huge data sets across the product lifecycle.

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