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Best-in-class multivariate data analysis vendors partner to offer a solution combining soft and hard modeling software tools for the analysis of spectroscopic data.

CAMO Software is pleased to announce the launch of a strategic partnership with Jplus Consulting allowing both companies to provide an even more comprehensive client offering, by combining the flexibility of soft-modeling with the precision of hard-modeling.

The agreement allows for both companies to promote the others software, individually or as a bundled solution, and where appropriate, work together on larger consulting projects.

Jplus Consulting specializes in the development of advanced global analysis software tools that enable the quantitative characterization of chemical reaction mechanisms by the fitting of real reaction models to multivariate spectroscopic measurements. Such ‘hard modeling’ approaches are able to deliver the fundamental reaction parameters defining a mechanism as well as the spectra and concentration profiles of all the participating chemical species.

Jplus Consulting currently offer two solutions, React Lab™ KINETICS for the modeling and analysis of kinetic processes, and React Lab™ EQUILIBRIA for the modeling and analysis of chemical titration equilibria. The unique data fitting expertise of Jplus Consulting complements the world leading chemometric analysis capabilities offered by CAMO in The Unscrambler® X software.

CAMO Software has been a pioneer in the field of multivariate data analysis (MVA) and design of experiments (DoE) for over 25 years. Their flagship software, The Unscrambler® X, has a long standing reputation for ease of use, powerful methods and outstanding visualization. The ability to gain insights into chemical processes using advanced chemometric tools in a powerful but accessible environment like The Unscrambler® and combine this more rigorous mechanistic characterization using ReactLab™ will deliver an end-to-end solution for chemical process analysis and optimization.

"We are seeing a big increase in the use of multivariate analysis tools across a broad range of industries. We are particularly seeing demand for more powerful, deeper analysis of spectroscopic data. The partnership with Jplus gives us the capacity to offer an even more holistic solution to our clients," says Brad Swarbrick, Vice President, Business Development at CAMO Software.

"The addition of Jplus Consulting to our growing network of international business partners will allow us to extend the scientific and customer service needs of our customers" adds Luke Buckley, Sales Director for Europe & Oceania at CAMO Software.

"We believe this partnership offers a great opportunity to introduce the hard modeling analysis methods of ReactLab™ to a wider scientific audience and also to introduce our customers to the extensive chemometric analysis tools which comprise The Unscrambler®. The synergy of the two methodologies and the complimentary expertise of both companies will bring significant added analytical leverage to all our customers and the research community" says Dr Peter King, Managing Director, Jplus Consulting Ltd.

About CAMO Software
Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, CAMO Software is a leading software development company offering a complete range of multivariate data analysis and design of experiments solutions. These tools can be used in a wide range of industries for applications including product development, spectroscopic analysis and business intelligence. CAMO Software's in-house experts provide assistance with the implementation of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD) initiatives, in addition to general data analysis, process management consultation and solutions. For further press information, please visit www.camo.com

About Jplus Consulting
Based in Australia, Jplus Consulting is an analytical software development and consulting company specializing in the innovation of advanced multivariate data analysis software tools for use in spectroscopic chemical process investigations in academia and industry. For further information please visit our website www.jplusconsulting.com