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CAMO previewing new release of The Unscrambler® at PITTCON 2007

Oslo, Norway - February 04, 2007: Attendees of the 2007 PITTCON Conference will have the opportunity to learn more about The Unscrambler 9.7 - the latest release of the leading multivariate software from CAMO. Dr. DongSheng Bu, Lead Consultant and Trainer will showcase new features and capabilities at CAMO Booth 4488. One winner will be drawn at the show who will be the first to own the new version.

The Unscrambler 9.7 includes a number of new customer requested features:

  • The MyInstrument Driver - with this standard interface specification from Thermo Electron data can be collected directly from the instrument without having the need to save a data file first.

  • Varimax Rotation - Unscrambler 9.7 will offer four different rotations: Varimax, Quartimax, Equimax and Parsimax. These rotations are to be applied after PCA analysis, this was requested by users within the sensory industry.
  • 3 rd Order Variable Effects - In some chemical systems, 3 rd order variable effects play a significant role on the responses. This is the case for example in formulation experiments with buffers in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • MLR Prediction - Spectroscopic users require MLR prediction to fully harness the modelling capability of The Unscrambler. The feature will be available in OLUP as well.
  • R-Square: Minor additional statistical capability.

Additionally, improvements to plot output, file merge capability, sample grouping, MCR, and pre-treatment functionality are present.

Martin Kermit, the Unscrambler product manager said: "These features are important for the Unscrambler to remain relevant in our key verticals. Our customers have continually requested that we offer these features as they find it critical for success in their research. Updates to plot output quality for instance are important to our academic and research community that publishes frequently. The inclusion of Varimax rotation makes The Unscrambler a much more powerful tool within the Food/Beverage/Sensory Industry."

The official version will be released to the public toward the end of March. For Annual Support and Upgrade members with current subscriptions, the upgrade is free.

About CAMO Software Inc:

CAMO's flagship Software product, The Unscrambler® is an industry standard, world-renowned statistical software package for multivariate data analysis. Tailor-made for Explorative Analysis (PCA), Regression and Prediction (MLR, PCR, PLS-R, 3-Way PLS), Classification (SIMCA and PLS-DA) and Design of Experiments this Top 5 Award winning data visualization & advanced graphics package is used extensively in: Spectroscopy, Process Analysis, Chemometrics, Quality and Process Control, Sensometrics, R&D and Formulations, Calibrations modeling for On-line Prediction & Classification. Technical controls enable full client compliance with CFR 21 Part 11 with Validation, Audit Trails, Log Reports and Electronic Signatures. The Unscrambler is actively used within pharma, life sciences, oil/gas, and consumer product goods verticals to create faster time-to-market and ensure quality formulations. CAMO Software Inc. is headquartered in OSLO , Norway with a U.S. regional office in Woodbridge, NJ and regional office/development center in Bangalore, India.


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