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Raman Bhatnagar is appointed new CEO at CAMO Software

Benefiting from an established pedigree the company already has the knowledge, customers and products in place and now the time is right for further expansion in the field of industrial data analytics and predictive science.

Oslo, Norway – May 2nd, 2018 - CAMO Software AS today appointed Raman Bhatnagar as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer. Raman is an experienced international manager from senior positions in a range of companies; start-ups and established corporates within Norway and abroad.

 “Big Data, analytics and machine learning has globally created big value within the business data space and now the same technology will transform industrial and process data, and this is why CAMO is an interesting company for me,” says newly appointed CEO Raman Bhatnagar from CAMO Software. He points to the extensive customer base and strong domain expertise, which can help companies create value and improve quality. “CAMO has been around for more than 30 years, and the software is generating value at global clients like Bosch, Boeing, NASA; Lonza, Tine and Statoil. More than 25.000 data analysts use our software for data analysis and are applying it for Edge IoT that is driving the Industry 4.0 revolution”, says Bhatnagar.

“The maturity of the software technology and a booming acceptance of data as a growth enabler ensures CAMO is poised for breakout growth. We are pleased, that someone with Raman Bhatnagar’s track record will take a leadership role in driving the vision of realizing the potential in predictive science in highly capital-intensive industries going through digital transformations,” says Erik Langaker, Chairman of the Board at CAMO.

Prior to joining CAMO, Raman was most recently Director of Strategic Projects at Intrum/Lindorff Group, Europe’s leading Credit Management Services Company. Raman was also CEO at big Data analytics company Cxense, where he managed a successful listing at Oslo Stock Exchange. More recently Raman co-founded Hjemmelegene, a successful startup disrupting the Norwegian primary healthcare.

“Realizing the potential of embedding analytics with IoT, leveraging cloud concepts and supporting the scientific use of data for industries will be extremely valuable in the coming years in the fourth industrial revolution. Being present at 80 % of the worlds top 500 biggest companies CAMO is in a very comfortable starting position for the race ahead. We will see analytics closely integrated in industrial processes to monitor, control and improve production processes. It will require deep domain expertise and proven technology to utilize all the sensor data and exploit the potential in real-time,” adds Raman Bhatnagar, who holds a master’s degree in computer science and a burning passion for software and applied technologies.

“The data revolution driving Industry 4.0 will derive its greatest potential from a continuous focus on quality, efficiency and innovation”, says Raman Bhatnagar. “We will see increasingly complex combinations of live data in production processes. The perspective is long-term opportunities for optimization, speed, quality and cost efficiency across a wide range of industries. In addition to obvious financial benefits, the heavy use of data analytics is also a way to comply with increased regulatory demand for transparency.”

Raman Bhatnagar replaces Shirley Henshall as CEO. “Shirley has done wonders with the Company over the last few years and will continue within a strategic capacity at CAMO Group with responsibility and focus on international business development and partners.” says Erik Langaker, Chairman

About CAMO Software

Founded in 1984 by a group of Norwegian scientists, CAMO Software are pioneers and an established leader in multivariate data analysis. Today, CAMO Software has offices around the globe and works with some of the world’s most prestigious organizations. CAMO Software’s analytical modeling, prediction and classification solutions are the preferred choice for over 25,000 data analysts worldwide across a range of industries. CAMO Software’s flagship simulation and prediction software product is The Unscrambler®, recognized for its ease of use, advanced multivariate and machine learning methods. CAMO also offers Process Pulse, a process intelligence platform for real time process monitoring and quality control, and a range of embedded analytical engines which can be used for Industrial IoT and integrated directly into scientific instruments.