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CAMO Software unveils its next generation of multivariate data analytical products and solutions - The Unscrambler GenX

CAMO Software - the creators of the leading multivariate analytical software 'The Unscrambler® - unveils details on its soon to be previewed next generation multivariate data analytical products and solutions namely 'The Unscrambler GenX'.

Flexible & Adaptable
The Unscrambler GenX, CAMO Software

Oslo, Norway - June 15, 2009: CAMO Software, announced the near completion of its next generation multivariate data analytical products and solutions - The Unscrambler GenX (Generation X).

Coinciding with 25 years of excellence in providing multivariate data analysis products and solutions, CAMO software is implementing a massive redevelopment project to continue its dominance in the chemometrics and multivariate analysis market. The Unscrambler GenX has been designed to further build on the well established features of its current products range, but with a greater focus on a wider range of applications and domains. Bringing the user experience to a new level of professionalism, GenX provides a far superior visualization of results through advanced graphics and an intuitive workflow to help customers achieve their goals in a flexible and adaptive environment.

"The Unscrambler GenX with its revolutionary plug-in architecture now reaches out to a wider audience, while still maintaining a strong focus on our spectroscopic users. Importantly, this will enable CAMO to now focus on the online analytical space." says Lars Österberg, CEO, CAMO Software. "Areas such as metabolomics and sensory science will also benefit from the new key features and superior graphical output of the new Unscrambler."

"The GenX family of products is also process focused, with development being driven by initiatives such as Quality by Design (QbD). Not compromising on adaptability and flexibility which is always been the key." says Brad Swarbrick, Product Manager, The Unscrambler GenX CAMO Software AS. "CAMO Software has renewed its commitment to Design of Experiments (DoE), with a comprehensive overhaul of the existing module. The new Unscrambler Online will also provide a user friendly approach to Multivariate Statistical Process Monitoring (MSPM). Combining the power of The Unscrambler X, the Online product uses generated models for real time quality applications and advanced data visualization" explains Brad.

The company will soon be announcing free webinars for various global time zones to preview this next generation multivariate tool. The first of The Unscrambler GenX products, namely The Unscrambler X is expected to be released early October 2009. Current users of The Unscrambler are encouraged to upgrade to 9.8, in preparation for the release of GenX. "A time-bound upgrade offer is expected to be announced shortly for past releases of The Unscrambler to prepare themselves for this new release of The Unscrambler GenX" confirmed a CAMO Software spokesperson.


About CAMO

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, CAMO Software is a leading scientific and sensory software development company offering a complete range of multivariate data analysis solutions, which can be used to assist to implement a process of analytical technology (PAT) and quality by design (QbD) into their facilities.

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