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Camo announces the launch of Japanese User Manuals for The Unscrambler® 9 .6

Tsukuba , Japan - November 10, 2006: In a statement released today, CAMO announced the introduction of Japanese User Manuals for The Unscrambler® at the Tsukuba NIR 2006, Tsukuba.

The Japanese edition of the User Manual is a set of 3 books consisting of Operations, Methods and Tutorials guide. The purpose of this edition is to facilitate the growing Japanese customers in the area of Chemometrics, Spectroscopy and Sensometrics.

A press spokesman said, "This edition of the User manual reiterates CAMO's commitment to the customers and their vision towards facilitating the Chemometrics, Spectroscopy and DoE space, and focus more actively on the Japan market"

CAMO Software has leading products for analyzing complex data with Multivariate technology which can find problems in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food & Beverage and Oil & Gas industry to mention a few. Traditional analytical software cannot find these problems and applying Multivariate methods can save huge amount of money in productivity improvements and increase in quality.

About CAMO:

A leading Multivariate Analysis software products and IT services group and a pioneer in the field of Multivariate Data Analysis software products and solutions, the company offers the most definitive analytical modeling, prediction and optimization. The company's flagship simulation and prediction software products are, The Unscrambler®, Unscrambler Online and Product Optimizer. The company has its global headquarters in Oslo, Norway, with regional offices in Woodbridge, NJ US, and Bangalore, India.

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