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The Unscrambler® X multivariate data analysis software seamlessly integrated with Siemens SIPAT 4.0 giving pharmaceutical manufacturers improved process understanding and control.

01 October 2012, Oslo, Norway: CAMO Software, leaders in multivariate data analysis solutions, announced The Unscrambler® X software can now be seamlessly integrated with SIPAT 4.0, the latest release of Siemens’ Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD) solution for the life sciences.

The seamless integration enables SIPAT users to bring data directly into The Unscrambler® X multivariate data analysis software. Changes to the data in either SIPAT or The Unscrambler® X are updated in the other software automatically, ensuring the data is synchronized and that changes are not lost. This tight integration provides data integrity, essential in regulated industries.

How the seamless integration works
A user simply opens the SIPAT application containing data, then launches The Unscrambler® X. The Unscrambler® X will open with the data from SIPAT already imported. The data is now linked between SIPAT and The Unscrambler® X.

Any changes in the data in either of the applications are reflected in both applications. For example, if a new column is added to a data table in SIPAT, the same column is automatically added in The Unscrambler® X and vice versa, thus ensuring integrity of data.

The Unscrambler® X is recognized for its ease of use, range of powerful multivariate methods and data visualization tools, and is the only chemometric software with seamless integration to SIPAT.

Enhanced data analysis of complex data
Multivariate data analysis is a set of powerful analytical methods that cut through complex data sets to identify patterns and relationships. It is increasingly being used in industry to get deeper product and process understanding and build more robust predictive models from large data sets.

Paal Braathen, CEO of CAMO Software, says, "We are very excited to be partnering with a market leader in the life sciences sector. The combination of our advanced multivariate analysis software with Siemens powerful SIPAT solution will help companies implement and realize the value of PAT and QbD initiatives."

Brad Swarbrick, Vice President of Product and Business Development at CAMO Software, adds, "Rigorous data analysis is fundamental to better process understanding, so the integration with The Unscrambler makes it quicker and easier for SIPAT users to get deeper insights from their data using a trusted and leading chemometric package."

Juergen Manz, Manager Business Development Life Science, Siemens Industry Automation Division: "The seamless integration between SIPAT and The Unscrambler is an important step to help our customers handle all the different IT systems in their environment. Today, customers are dealing with many different systems and user interfaces, without direct data exchange. This requires them to log-in to different systems and ensure they have consistent data in all of the systems. This integration with The Unscrambler saves our customers time and is the right step to secure data integrity".

Benefits at a glance

  • Enhances the data analysis capabilities of SIPAT 4.0
  • Easier for SIPAT users to get better process understanding using powerful multivariate methods
  • Maintains data integrity between the two systems
  • Reduces the chance of errors when duplicating data entry
  • Saves time by eliminating the need to re-enter data

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