Solution: Continuous feed monitoring (PIONA)

Uniform quality

Detect and avoid feed stream changes to ensure consistent quality.

To ensure proper naphtha feed quality, Camo offers operators the perfect means to measure PIONA numbers. Changes in the feed stream will deteriorate process efficiency and result in delays and drops in product quality due to coking. Industry and environmental standards place great demands on operators with regards to documentation and quality, and with Camo’s solution for continuous feed analysis, these demands just became much easier to meet. Simply set the standards to be met on a continuous basis, and the solution analyses instantly, in real-time every molecule to ensure a consistent quality.

Ensuring a consistent hydrocarbon fluid quality requires strict monitoring at every step of the process. With the ability to add checkpoints to detect changes in the feed stream at each step, operators can be certain that the end product quality is exactly right. The oil and gas industry has strict requirements on oil quality, and creating a product to exact specifications is key to success. Camo provides the documentation and reporting that let operators meet regulatory requirements.

Faster, better answers to stream problems:

  • Full process visibility and control with real-time monitoring
  • Early fault detection and process deviation warnings
  • Continuous improvement of feed stream and operations
  • Documentation to meet regulatory requirements
  • Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11

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