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Empower your organisation with analytics.

Move your business up the analytical value chain through innovative and proven analytical solutions that empower your organisation with insights for better decisions and greater impact.

The Camo industrial analytics platform runs advanced analytical solutions that provide easy to act on insights to optimise processes and efficiency, improve quality and transform operations.


Process Monitoring

View and optimise process performance, and share insights to quickly improve results.


Deviation Detection

Ensure consistent quality and reduce waste with automated warnings.


Dynamic KPI Tracker

Transform operations with recommended actions for best outcomes.

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Process Monitoring

See the big picture with everything in one place.

The monitoring solution provide managers with a high-level view of the health and performance of processes across all manufacturing lines, and you can view a plant or a single line if you want. Compare, optimise and share best performance practices across your team by distributing insights to the people who need them to quickly improve outcomes. It also gives you warnings if something needs attention and it lets you dive deeper in investigations to help fix a process problem faster.

Get a high-level view of the performance of all manufacturing lines.
View a plant or a single line to benchmark and identify best practices.
Share insights with ohters to quickly improve outcomes.

Deviation Detection

You’ll know when something bad is about to happen.

With the deviation detection solution managers and their teams will be alerted about quality or inconsistency problems so they can prevent them from ever happening. No matter if it’s mechanical, condition based or even down to small differences in the raw materials used. Gain access to both a high-level view and detailed warnings your team can act on immediately to avoid costly quality problems or unplanned downtime. It also tells you what is contributing to the problem, and lets you investigate to find the root cause and best corrective actions.

Prevent unwanted process behaviour from happening.
Avoid bad product quality, inconsistency or unplanned downtime.
More time to act with smarter detection and earlier warnings.

Dynamic KPI Tracker

Know what to optimise now, and what to optimise next.

Managers strive to optimise yields, performance and profit, but it can be difficult to pinpoint actions that will drive the best results. The dynamic KPI solution provides a high-level view of process performances together with recommended operational actions to optimise outcomes. Recommendations are prioritised so your team can focus their efforts on issues that will drive the best outcomes, and you can immediately see the effects with the dynamically updated KPI’s – and what to optimise next.

Transform operations with recommended best actions.
Focus efforts on issues that will drive the best outcomes.
Immediately see effects through dynamically updated KPI’s.

Used by more than 3000 organisations to improve and optimise quality, processes and operations.

Ready to digitalise your organisation with analytics?

How it works

Bring together data, analytics and people.

Empower product and process experts to analyse, monitor and predict the performance of batch and continuous manufacturing processes, and gain insights to optimise processes and efficiency, improve product quality and transform operations.


Use the advanced analytical capabilities on the platform to analyse data from multitudes of systems and sensors, to develop new products faster, optimise raw materials in existing products, optimise process efficiency or perform root cause analysis to improve processes.


Use the process analysis capabilities to model your process reality, optimise efficiency and solve complex problems. Monitor production with automated warnings so operators can handle deviations before they occur, and leverage knowledge across sites.


Use the predictve capabilities for early warnings of unwanted process behaviour. No matter if it’s mechanical, condition based or bad raw materials that will lead to process failures or quality issues, the predictive methods react so operators can stop it from ever happening.
A solution for every role

Optimise the entire value chain from lab to production.

The platform can be utilised in many different parts and levels of the organisation to optimise the entire value chain from R&D to production with easy to act on insights for data scientists, process engineers, process operators, quality managers and managers. Powered by the same platform, your organisation will share the same information tailored for different roles and actions.


Managers are required to optimise yields, performance and profit, and for most it is a challenge to pinpoint actions that will drive better results, and for some to gain visibility of even a single process. The platform is designed to empower smarter, more informed decisions across your organisation, and managers will have a view of the health and performance of processes across all manufacturing lines. View a plant or a single line, to compare and identify best performance practices and share insights with ohters to quickly improve outcomes. Based on the advanced platform analytics recommended operational actions can be given as well. Recommendations are prioritised so your team can focus their efforts on issues that will drive the best outcomes, and effects can immediately be seen in the dynamically updated KPI’s.


To optimise process and product quality and increase yields the platform has powerful analytical capabilities for troubleshooting and optimising processes throughout the entire production cycle. Root cause analysis for solving complex quality issues, identify bad batches of raw materials before they enter the process, scale up production and efficiently move from pilot to full scale production and identify process parameters with the biggest impact on quality and yields.

Production and engineering

To better help production and engineering managers to keep processes running within limits and deliver products with the right quality the platform offers real-time process monitoring and control, that displays a single view of the processes by combining and presenting all process data in interactive control charts on a single dashboard. With full process visibility, early fault detection and process deviation warnings operators can identify and handle process deviations earlier.

Product development

Developing new products or updating existing is complex when you have extensive lists of raw materials, requirements to reduce costs, manufacturing constraints or operate in a regulatory environment. With the advanced analytical capabilities, products can be developed faster with processes and quality as an integral part of the design (QbD) and existing products can be updated with raw materials for a consistent quality and lower cost.

Data scientists

Data scientists often face challenges with data in different formats, coming from different systems and sensors, or it can be a mix of historical and real-time data and contain many variables. The platform is designed to tackle these data challenges and transform the data into models that reflect a product or process to help better understand and optimise quality and efficiency. With the easy to use and intuitive graphics and visualisations this analysis can be done by both analysts and engineers using exploratory data analysis, descriptive statistics, regression analysis, classification and prediction.

Highlighted platform features

Built to solve problems like no other. And easy to use.

A scalable, flexible platform optimised for real-time data streaming and processing through a complete, customisable set of analytical solutions that meets the needs of different users. The platform closes the gap between R&D and production, simplifies the move from pilot to production and reduces time to value dramatically.

All data from all systems in real-time

Combine and analyse all types of industrial data in real-time – even spectral data – when you want to solve complex problems. Not using all data, is like not using all of your senses.

Analytical insights others miss

Powerful multivariate techniques, scientific practices and a proprietary framework enable domain experts to discover insights that automated analysis methods simply miss.

Analytics built for industrial data

Innovative and proven solutions with advanced analytical methods, including spectroscopy and chemometrics, build to derive insights and value from big and increasingly complex industrial data.

Fully integrated and scalable

A flexible, fully integrated platform that closes the gap between R&D and production and simplifies the move from pilot to production. Easy to integrate and scalable for almost any process environment.

Easy to use analytics for everyone

Empower your organisation with industrial data, analytics and insights tailored for data scientists, engineers, operators and management for greater impact and even better results.

Secure and fully compliant

Compliance with 21CFR11 and EU Annex 11 with model version control, searchable audit trails and audit trail reports.

The world is multivariate. Your analysis should be as well.

There is always more than one side to the problem you are trying to solve. It’s the same in your data. To uncover all sides of your data, we use the latest multivariate and machine learning techniques to uncover insights in your data that solve the complex problems and lead to better process and product quality. We’ve been applying multivariate analysis to process and product quality problems for decades. Our industrial analytics platform is built on our outstanding analytical pedigree, proprietary software and commercial success.

Accelerate time to value.

Our consulting team help you unlock value from your data and quickly provide significant returns on your investment. We focus on providing solutions and recommendations that can be immediately applied to your operations to drive improvements and reduce costs.