Unscrambler analytics suite: Process Pulse

Monitor, control and optimise processes.

Unscrambler Process Pulse offers real-time monitoring and control of all types of process data. Run Unscrambler models for full process visibility, early fault detection, process deviation warnings and continuous improvement. It is a scalable and flexible process monitoring tool that uses powerful analytics to monitor at-line, on-line and in-line processes.

Get real-time process monitoring and control with Process Pulse for improved processes, better quality and significant cost reductions.

Faster, better answers to real-world problems:

  • Prevent faulty batches, improve product consistency & quality, optimise resource use and reduce waste with a holistic process control
  • A single process monitoring tool for optimised processes & cycles, shorter time-to-market, better quality, lower risk and significant cost reductions
  • Fully integrated suite of tools that closes the gap between R&D and production with all tools needed for QbD, PAT and real-time process monitoring and control for data driven manufacturing
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Highlighted features

Built for the way processes work.
And for you to monitor, control and optimise.

Analyse all types of data in real-time

Analyse all types of data like sensor, process and quality in real-time with direct import from analysers or through connectors like OPC, OSI-PI and ODBC.

For all roles in the process

Easy to use with tools and intuitive dashboards for all roles in the process, including data scientists, engineers, operators and quality managers.

Process visibility and interaction

Full process visibility, early fault detection, process deviation warnings and optimisations through interactive charts on a single dashboard.

For any process environment

Customizable, flexible, scalable and easy to integrate with existing control systems and processes. It is independent of control systems and instrument vendor software.

Process quality analytics

Uses powerful multivariate techniques to build process models for improved efficiency and real-time prediction of process and product quality.

Secure and compliant

Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 with model version control, searchable audit trails and audit trail reports.

Current release highlights:

  • Configurable GMP settings, e.g. electronic signature requirements
  • Real time sample grouping support to simplify the use of e.g. process phases
  • Enhanced OSI PI integration including Asset Frameworks and Event Frames

Next release highlights:

  • Improved data source interfaces, e.g. status verification and parameter settings
  • Process Raw data plot scaling
  • Improved trigger options to further simplify interfacing with control systems

Data import

  • Direct import from Analysers (Bruker, Kaiser, Mettler-Toledo, Kaiser, Keit, Ocean, Parsum, Sentronic, Tec5,Viavi MicroNIR , Zeiss)
  • Folder read out (ASCII, Brimrose, Excel, Image files, Jcamp-DX, Grams SPC, OPUS, OMNIC, Viavi .SAM , XML, Waters-Empower)
  • Standard connections to other systems such as OPC-DA, OPC-UA, OSI-PI, ODBC, TCP/IP, LIMS (ODBC)
  • Parallel import from multiple data sources
  • Alignment of multiple data sources in real time

Data visualisation

  • Visualise data during process, raw data and model outputs
  • Interactive plots – drill down to troubleshoot
  • Switch between data sources or monitor dashboard with multiple real time data sources
  • Compare current run to previous runs
  • Compare different time series in real time, from the same or from different configurations
  • Wide range of plots (Line, spectral, process, bar, histogram, size distribution)
  • Zoom and annotate plots
  • Monitor spectral segments

Model execution

  • Run models in real time
  • Any Unscrambler model (PCA, PLS, PCR, MLR, MCR, MBM, SPC, SVM, Batch, Classification)
  • Dynamic models (PCA, MCR)
  • Third party models (OPUS, PLS-Toolbox, PEAXACT)
  • Visualise model results in real time
  • Investigate deviations in real time

Data export (real time)

  • Output of results or raw data
  • Output to file (ASCII, Grams SPC)
  • Output to systems (ODBC, OPC-DA, OPC-UA, third-party OPC-UA server, Modbus, TCP/IP)
  • Output to internal data source for model sequencing

Data export (historian)

  • Export results or raw data (Unscrambler, ASCII, Excel)

User interface

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use for multiple roles, including data scientists, engineers, operators and management
  • Web dashboard for access everywhere
  • Support for multiple languages (English, German, Chinese)

Runtime tools

  • Compare current run with earlier runs
  • Triggered start of configurations
  • Insert comments and pictures
  • Insert flags for phase changes
  • IPC (In Process Control) sampling (manual or LIMS)
  • Online calculations for e.g. peak height ratios monitoring
  • Data trending
  • Overlay earlier runs
  • Define phases, modify meta data within each phase

Data storage

  • Complete secure data storage
  • Compliant PAT database
  • Data historian for data retrieval, simplifies troubleshooting
  • Push data to Unscrambler for detailed and root cause analysis


  • Standard reports for quick sharing of results
  • Report templates – create, edit and use
  • Results and data tables and plots
  • Derived values, e.g. Sums and ratios
  • Pass/fail – limit or number of passes
  • Adapt to corporate visual identity
  • Print or share reports as pdf or Word

Alarms and warnings

  • Real time flagging of deviations
  • Real time e-mail notification
  • Multiple criteria alarms
  • Trend alarms
  • User defined alarms
  • Storing of alarm events

Central Data Matrix (CDM)

  • Review data on an experiment level
  • Visualise and compare multiple experiment runs
  • Compare same parameter across experiments or different parameters within or across experiments
  • Create plot templates for in use in CDM or in reports
  • Perform calculations on data within a batch or across multiple batches
  • Visualise and review phases in data
  • Align and export full experiments or chosen phases

Audit trail

  • Record activity in system
  • 21cfr compliant
  • Searchable audit trail
  • Audit trail reports
  • Define tags for model and configuration searches
  • Date-time formats
  • Customisation

Enterprise solution

  • Access system over network
  • Share results and specifications effortlessly across groups
  • Scalable and easy to integrate with existing control systems & processes
  • Customisable to suit any process enviroment and specific customer needs

Monitor, control and optimise process and
product quality in real-time.


Used by more than 3000 organisations to improve process and product quality.

The only tools you need.
Explore more possibilities.

Bring together data, tools and people to optimise all steps from design to production
to develop products faster, improve product quality and optimise processes.

One tool to monitor
all process data.

The Process Pulse tool enables a single view of your processes by combining and presenting all process data in interactive control charts on a single dashboard. This real-time process visibility and analysis help operators to identify and handle process deviations immediately with early fault detection and process deviation warnings. Process parameters contributing to deviations can be investigated through interactive plots and advanced process analytics using Unscrambler for process optimisation.

Optimise processes across
the entire value chain.

Put all process data, including manufacturing and sensor data, to work and improve your processes across the entire value chain from R&D to production. Analysing all types of process parameters together hosts many opportunities for optimising process performance and monitoring with earlier fault and deviation warnings, better end quality predictions and a simplified process view of all critical process parameters displayed together in a single, intuitive control chart.

Comes with analytics built for optimising
process and product quality.

Process Pulse comes with Unscrambler, the industry leading tool for offline modeling, prediction and optimisation for developing products faster, improve product quality and optimise processes. It is the most easy to use tool, with powerful analytics and unique capabilities for spectroscopy and chemometrics, suitable for all types of data like material, sensor, process and spectral data. In addition Python gives access to thousands of free scripts for use in Unscrambler with additional methods for import, preprocessing and machine learning.

Try the most powerful tool for multivariate problem solving.

Get a free 10-day trial of the industry leading tool for multivariate analysis and spectroscopy to experience the ease of use, powerful analytics and interactive visualisations.

Closes the gap between
R&D and production.

Unscrambler and Process Pulse can be utilised in many different parts and levels of the organisation to optimise across the entire value chain with easy to act on insights for data scientists, process engineers, process operators and quality managers. Together Unscrambler and Process Pulse closes the gap between R&D and production with all tools needed for Quality by Design, Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and real-time process monitoring, control and optimisation.

The multivariate difference

The world is multivariate. Your analysis should be as well.

There is always more than one side to the problem you are trying to solve. It’s the same in your data. So, to discover all sides of your data, we use the latest multivariate and machine learning techniques to uncover insights in your data that can lead to big discoveries – and better process and product quality. We’ve been applying multivariate analysis to process and product quality problems for decades. With Camo, you get powerful analytics tools built on our outstanding analytical pedigree, proprietary software and commercial success.

Process Pulse webinterface

Monitor your processes anywhere. On any device.

Keep your batch and continuous operations run smoothly from anywhere with the Process Pulse webinterface.

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Get real-time process monitoring and control with full process visibility, early fault detection, process deviation warnings and optimisations.


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