MyInstrument add-on for The Unscrambler®

My Instruments

Direct Data Acquisition add-on tool

The MyInstrument add-on for The Unscrambler® provides users with the ability to directly acquire spectra from their spectrometers into The Unscrambler® software. The acquisition process makes use of the MyInstrument standard to allow for instrument configuration and definition of experiments in order to run scans. After acquisition the spectral data is directly inserted as rows per scan into an Unscrambler editor, ready for further processing or modeling. The MyInstrument add-on removes the need for acquiring data using instrument specific software, exporting to a file and subsequently importing the data from a file into The Unscrambler. It provides a more direct data channel for method development, as well as for prediction.

Direct Data Acquisition from Instruments

direct data acquisition

This capability to collect data directly from spectroscopic instruments through the framework is made available from following vendors at the moment.

Note: MyInstrument add on is available only for The Unscrambler® X 10.3 (32-bit)

Manufacturers Models  
Polytec PSS-S-AXC 1.9 Download
Zeiss MC 500, MC 600 Download

Compatible with CZ Server Version 1.45 or higher. If you are running older versions contact your instrument vendor.
CORONA series