Solution: Reaction monitoring

Timely reactions

Start and stop reactions at precisely the right time to ensure product quality.

Detecting and documenting deviations is an integral part of pharmaceutical quality assurance and mandated by every Good Manufacturing Practice. It goes without saying that any loss of profit resulting from a deviation must be minimised, and with the Camo solution for reaction monitoring, operators get the tool to do so as well as provide detailed documentation of any deviations that may occur. You can perform root-cause analysis to identify what is causing deviations and take corrective actions to ensure product quality and reduce waste.

The solution lets manufacturers optimise cycle time by eliminating the need to stop operations while adjustments are made and by spotting unwanted process behavior in time to stop it from happening. It also provides all required documentation for quality assurance and is the perfect response to any call for Process Analytical Technology.

Faster, better answers to reaction deviations:

  • Full process visibility and control with real-time monitoring
  • Early fault detection and process deviation warnings
  • Continuous improvement of reactions and operations
  • Documentation to meet regulatory requirements
  • Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11

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