We support your research with free multivariate analysis software and support.

At Camo, we believe in applying science and analytics to solve challenges, drive innovation and find smarter ways of doing things. With the Camo Research program we are true to our tradition and support this approach by offering free software and support to new research.

We prioritize projects that support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

What you get:

What you give:

  • Content pieces e.g. white papers, videos, etc. to be shared on the Camo Community

  • Example cases to be used for training and showcasing by Camo Analytics

We select projects to support on an ongoing basis, so don’t wait – apply now:

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Featured products:

Unscrambler is the industry leading tool for modeling, prediction and optimisation using powerful analytics and interactive visualisation.
Building on the industry leading tool for spectroscopy, Unscrambler HSI sets the standard for insights from multivariate analysis of hyperspectral images.
Unlimited analytical power

Discover the unlimited power of Unscrambler with Python: Choose from thousands of free Python scripts for import, preprocessing and machine learning, and enjoy the fully compliant framework for model validation in Unscrambler.