Case Studies


Partem Consulting: Using multivariate analysis for industrial Quality Assurance
Using multivariate analysis to analyze soil and rocks on Mars
BevScan: through-the-bottle NIR wine analyzer
Timmerman Analytical: Increasing the use of chemometrics in Southern Africa
Combining precision instruments with powerful analytics
Analyzing spectra to conserve Viking history
Murdoch University: Analysing big data sets from small molecules
South Dakota School of Mines: Predictive modeling for geologic and hydrologic processes
Jplus Consulting: Complementing the Unscrambler® X with hard modeling
Bang & Olufsen: It's an all-in-one software tool
An efficient product re-formulation using The Unscrambler®
Multivariate data analysis in sensory science using The Unscrambler®
Partial Least Squares (PLS) Regression
Assessing Performance of a Sensory Panel-Panelist Monitoring and Tracking
3-way & 3-Block PLS Regression in Consumer Preference Analysis
A comparative study of FT-Raman and NIR-S Method for assessment of Protein and apparent amylose in Rice
Asphaltene Aggregation from crude oils and model systems studied by high- pressure NIR-Spectroscopy
Processing Structured Data to Help Smart People Get Smarter
Interpreting Statistical Software "Error" Messages
Martens Uncertainty Test [low-res graphics version - HTML
Improvements To Preference Cluster Mapping
Using Sensory to Predict Potential Market Share Growth
Sensory and Cognitive Factors in Food Preference
The End of Sensory Science, D. Lundahl
Classification of Herbal medicines using FTIR spectra analysis
Statistics and Data Mining in the Analysis of Massive Data Sets, J. Kolsky
Interpreting Results from Cluster Analysis, J. Kolsky
Thurstonian Models - an Answer to Gridgeman's Paradox, D. Lundahl