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The Unscrambler® X Prediction Engine allows you to run predictive models directly on your spectrometer or control system, using models generated off-line with The Unscrambler® X. The software can be interfaced into an existing software platform to provide users all of the predictive and diagnostic tools found in The Unscrambler® X, configured in a way that allows real-time quality control.

Automate operations

Allows reduction of manual calculations and testing procedures, thereby reducing the risk of error.

Customize solutions

Ability to customize the software in-house to your business needs or using CAMO's extensive expertise.

Standardize values

Transfer one single model across many sites or over different equipment in the same site.

Reduce costs

Transfer models developed in a central laboratory or technical group without experience with The Unscrambler®.

Usage of the Unscrambler® X Prediction Engine

The software is designed to be used by people involved with quality, product development or production including:

Example applications of the Unscrambler® X Prediction Engine

How the Unscrambler® X Prediction Engine works

The Unscrambler® X Prediction Engine is a collection of prediction functions that can be applied on models generated in The Unscrambler® X. Through these protocols, third party software, whether custom built (C, C++, Fortran, Visual Basic etc) or proprietary, can interface with the Unscrambler® X Prediction Engine for the generation of real time prediction values and associated diagnostics.

In most cases, the instrument supplier can install the Unscrambler® X Prediction Engine directly on the instrument. Alternatively, CAMO Software offers a programmers manual and can provide technical assistance.

Why is the choice of analytical software important?

Analytical software is one of the most important factors when selecting a spectrometer or other scientific instrument. If the analytical software is insufficient, the analysis will suffer, regardless of the quality of the instrument.

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