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This is a forum where our (prospective) customers interact with our panel of experienced industry experts and put forth their queries and / or discuss their opinions on issues related to Chemometrics, Spectroscopy, Multivariate Data Analysis and CAMO’s statistical software products, solutions and services.

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What is Chemometrics?

Literally (and loosely) translated, the word "chemometrics" means performing calculations on measurements of chemical data. This can be anything from- calculating pH from a measurement of hydrogen ion activity to computing a Fourier transform interpolation of a spectrum.

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What is Regression Analysis?

Regression is a generic term for all methods attempting to fit a model to observed data in order to quantify the relationship between two groups of variables. The fitted model may then be used either to merely describe the relationship between the two groups of variables, or to predict new values.

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What is SIMCA?

Classification with the SIMCA (Soft Independent Modeling of Class Analogy) approach is performed by building local descriptive models of known groups and to predict a probable class membership for new observations...

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What is PLS-DA?

PLS Discriminant Analysis (PLS-DA) is performed in order to sharpen the separation between groups of observations, by hopefully rotating PCA (Principal Components Analysis) components such that a maximum separation among classes is obtained, and to understand which variables carry the class separating information.

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What is Linear Regression ?

Linear regression is a statistical procedure for predicting the value of a dependent variable from an independent variable when the relationship between the variables can be described with a linear model.

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