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Software for the Polymer and Paper Industry

The Polymer and Paper industries are characterized by avid competition and changing consumer preferences. CAMO software products like The Unscrambler® have proven to be a boon to researchers and product developers these industries.

In the Polymer and Paper industry, The Unscrambler® helps:

  • Design optimal set of experiments
  • Analyze multivariate data
  • Discover the effects of ingredient and process factors that go on to produce your desired paper quality
  • Perform indirect measurements of Print Through (PT) to be able to predict PT from process parameters and paper properties
  • Discover substitute ingredients that would not alter product quality but help you reduce costs.
  • Interpret your results with visual interface
  • Decide which supplier to choose from; for which season; and order what quantity in order to produce your desired product quality
  • Respond to competition and customer preferences faster

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How The Unscrambler® is Used in the Paper Industry

Paper quality is characterized by large sets of sensory and instrumental variables that are multi-collinear and difficult to interpret. The inclusion or exclusion of a few ingredients can drastically change the paper quality in a production run. For this reason, manufacturers need to know the effects of individual variables.

However, both time and resource constraints dictate the extent of experimental design that is possible. It is also difficult to determine the number of trials needed to discover the right paper quality. Analyzing the relationships between ingredient factors that determine paper quality also require vast amounts of time and effort.

Several organizations have found a solution to their time and resource constraints.

The Unscrambler®'s visual interface aids in quick interpretation of results and helps organizations decide which supplier to choose from during a particular season.

The volumes to be ordered for a particular product quality are also calculated and available to paper manufacturers. Using The Unscrambler® paper companies have been able to discover substitute ingredients that would not alter product quality but help reduce costs. All in all, research is strategic and well executed. It has enabled several paper companies respond faster and more effectively to competition.