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Multivariate Data Analysis Solutions

Using design of experiments methodologies, data ranges are selected carefully to deliver results. Multivariate tools are used to reveal meaningful information in your data sets.

Integrating data workflow for multiple analytical techniques and instruments enable a full overview of the system behavior. The process is under multivariate statistical control.

Automated processing of routine tasks, intelligent data interpretation, reporting and storage of data is automatically generated and provide you a standard for your quality management, and enable a rapid delivery of the results to decision makers.


Multivariate Data Analytical solutions

  • Feasibility studies and data exploration
  • Automation of data pre-processing
  • Classification model
  • Quantitative prediction model
  • Pattern recognition / Data integration
  • Planning of experiments
  • Tailored algorithms and workflows
  • Custom data analysis solutions

Analytical solutions ranging from project management with state-of-the-art tools and resources with extensive know-how, aim at building consistency and improving productivity and time-to-market for our clients.

CAMO offers analytic solutions for research and development, quality control and assurance, process optimization. By analyzing huge mass of historical data or planning experimentation, the right patterns are identified, outliers are detected. Hence we provide process understanding that leads to optimization.

In addition we help you with management of your data and reports. The data are summarized in tables easy to review and interpret. Analysis results and reports can be readily deployed for interactive review and for submission and reporting.

Project Examples

  • Spectroscopic analysis using FT-IR, NIR, UV/vis, Raman
  • Multivariate data analysis