CAMO Software
Business Value
Businesses around the world are increasingly turning to their data for insights and information that lets them operate more effectively and stay ahead of their competitors.

Forward-thinking organizations previously used data analysis to allow them to react faster. Today, those same organizations are realizing that reacting quickly is not enough. They need the ability to predict, understand and anticipate what is going to happen tomorrow, not what happened yesterday.

While many enterprise and business intelligence software vendors claim to deliver powerful analytics, the reality is that in most cases, these systems do little more than aggregate and ‘dashboard’ historical data, without any genuine analytics behind the numbers.

Our powerful analytical software and genuine world-leading data analysis expertise can help businesses of all sizes transform their enterprise data into real business insights, underpinned by cutting-edge multivariate analysis technology.

Our software and solutions can be applied across most functions within a business. From developing products more cost effectively, to controlling key processes and predicting potential faults; from identifying under-exploited customer segments, to providing deeper analysis and insights from the masses of data used by top management for strategic decision making. If you have data, we have the tools and expertise to help you exploit its potential.

We deliver business value for our clients through:
Forecasting and Business Intelligence
  • Improved decisions based on more accurate information
  • Business Intelligence and improved visibility and forecasting
Increased operational efficiency
  • Faster, cheaper and higher quality product development
  • Cost savings from more efficient production
Improved marketing capabilities
  • Reduced time to market through better process control
  • Deeper understanding of customer needs and behaviour
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