CAMO Software
Data Analysis Solutions

We deliver multivariate software and solutions for analyzing large, complex data sets quickly, easily and accurately. World-leading organizations rely on our solutions to get deeper insights, understand processes and make better predictions from their data.

Established in 1984, we are pioneers and leaders in the field of multivariate data analysis. Our software and solutions are used by our clients to:

  • Develop better products, faster and more cost effectively
  • Monitor and improve product and service quality
  • Optimize customer segmentation and identify unmet gaps in the market
  • Reduce energy use and other operating costs
  • Monitor processes with early-warning of faults or deviations
  • Make better predictions and forecasts based on historic data

Our clients span a broad cross-section of industry sectors, including life sciences, manufacturing, agriculture, oil and gas, mining, high technology and more. Today, as more and more businesses look to get a competitive advantage from their data, multivariate analysis technology is being used by an even more diverse range of industries including advertising, banking and finance, insurance, retail, telecommunications, transport and logistics.

Our product and service range includes:
  • Leading multivariate analysis and design of experiments software
  • Powerful and flexible process monitoring solutions
  • Analytical engines for integration with third-party scientific instruments
  • Enterprise solutions and custom development
  • Consulting and data analysis services
  • Training courses

To discuss how our powerful analytical tools can be used in your organization, please contact us.