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With all the hype around digitalisation, artificial intelligence and IIoT, what is missing are turnkey solutions to solve complex real-world problems, leveraging the knowledge of your domain experts. Solutions that enables knowledge transfer and accelerates the move from lab to pilot to production. And solutions that deliver timely insights to the people who need them to quickly solve problems to optimise yields, performance and profit. All while being compliant.

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The Camo solutions provides all of this. They effectively address specific challenges using powerful multivariate analysis, with unique capabilities for spectroscopy, chemometrics and hyperspectral image analysis, offering a more precise assessment of a process or the composition, physical, and sensory properties of a product. Managers and their teams will be alerted about quality or inconsistency problems they can act on immediately to avoid costly problems. No matter if its mechanical, condition based or even down to small differences in the raw materials used.

Batch monitoring

Spot and stop batch deviations to ensure product quality and reduce waste. Explore

Continuous feed monitoring

Detect and avoid feed stream changes to ensure consistent quality. Explore

Quality monitoring

Quickly identify quality variations to ensure consistent quality and safety (CQP). Explore

Blend monitoring

Quickly identify and handle problems to ensure blend quality and reduce waste. Explore

Drying optimisation

Prevent incorrect moisture levels from affecting production time and quality Explore

Reaction monitoring

Start and stop reactions at precisely the right time to ensure product quality. Explore

Continuous manufacturing

Ensure quality at every step of the process to dramatically reduce waste. Explore

Fermentation monitoring

Detect and alleviate deviations to ensure as desired fermentation every time Explore

Solve another problem

The flexibility to solve problems with the Camo platform is second to none. Explore
Consistent quality

Move your QA lab to the production floor

When quality and documentation is crucial for your success there’s no such thing as “almost right”.

Accelerate time-to-value

Get results fast with ready made solutions

We have done all the groundwork and prepared solutions that solve specific challenges, reduce risks and accelerates value delivery.

Inhomogeneous blends
Batch process deviations
Inconsistent quality
Moisture issues in drying
Continuous manufacturing
Continuous feed analysis (PIONA)
Reaction deviations
Fermentation failure
Built for industrial analytics

Everything on a single platform, powered by science

A fully compliant, flexible and scalable platform, easy to integrate with existing control systems and processes for accelerated outcomes.


Move your QA lab to the production floor to ensure the quality of every single item is exactly right


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