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The ICOPVS 2008 and the Pre-Conference Tutorial on Chemometrics provides an excellent interactive platform for all the scholars specializing in the field of Vibrational Spectroscopy. This is an effort towards exploring the possibilities of Spectroscopy on a wider basis by bringing together the international academia.

Pre-Conference Tutorial on Chemometrics

8:00 AM - 7:45 PM

This course is intended for chemists, spectroscopists, chromatographers, biologists, programmers, technicians, mathematicians, statisticians, managers, engineers, and anyone responsible for developing analytical calibrations using laboratory or on-line instrumentation, managing the development or use of such calibrations and instrumentation, or designing or choosing software for the instrumentation.

This introductory course requires no prior exposure to the subject. Students who have explored the topics but not yet comfortable using them will find this course beneficial. The data-centric approach to the topics does not require any special mathematical background, but a familiarity with matrix multiplication would be helpful.


A data collection task, whether in science, business or engineering, typically involves many measurements made on many samples. Such multivariate data has traditionally been analyzed using one or two variables at a time. However, this approach fails to discover the relationships among all variables and samples efficiently. To overcome this, and we must process all of the data simultaneously, and here comes chemometrics. Chemometrics is the tool for extracting information from multivariate chemical data using tools of statistics and mathematics. Chemometrics is typically used for one or more of the three primary purposes:


  • To explore pattern of associations in data
  • To track properties of materials on a continuous basis
  • To prepare and use multivariate classification models

About Instructor

Prof. Richard Brereton
Prof. of Chemometrics,
University of Bristol, UK

Prof. Brereton is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry & of the Royal Statistical Society andauthor of Chemometrics : Data Analysis for the Laboratory and Chemical Plant and Applied Chemometrics for Scientists.

Prof. Brereton, has also served as an associate editor of Chemometrics Intelligent Laboratory Systems. With his vast experience through invited talks in different countries more than 133 times, this tutorial is a unique opportunity in India to get world class authentic training in chemometric tools.




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