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General Multivariate Analysis Principles and Spectroscopy (3 Day)

07 - 11 November, 2017 | Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

This course is ideal for people who are:

  • new to multivariate analysis
  • wanting a refresher on methodology
  • process engineers looking at strategies for implementing multivariate statistical process control
  • working with sensory or other survey based data
  • spectroscopists who want to have a better understanding of the fundamentals of multivariate data as applied to other non-spectroscopic situations
  • working primarily with spectroscopic based data who require an overview of methodology
  • experts in MVA who are looking at different ways to analyze complex data
  • looking for a systematic approach to calibration model development

Course outline

  • What is Multivariate Analysis
  • Motivation for using Multivariate Analysis
  • Data Collection and Visualization
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
    • Clustering Methods
    • Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
  • Outlier detection using PCA
  • An introduction to Multivariate Classification
  • An introduction to Multivariate Regression
    • Multiple Linear Regression
    • Partial Least Squares Regression
    • An introduction to Support Vector Machines
  • Interpretation of Multivariate Regression Models
  • Correct Validation Practices
  • Pretreatment methods used for spectroscopic data
  • Summary and Overview


Course Structure Cost (USD)
  Industry Research Academia
$2500 $1750 $1250

All courses are presented using relevant data sets and hands on usage of The Unscrambler® X.


Heather Brooke, Chief Chemometrician

Heather Brooke Chief Chemometrician

Heather Brooke began her interest in chemistry at a young age when she took a chemistry mini-course in 3rd grade. She later earned a BS in Chemistry from Lander University in 2002. Shortly after graduating, she obtained a position as a lab technician at Fujifilm in Greenwood, SC. After working there for 3 years, with both chemists and engineers, she decided to apply herself to a new challenge: graduate school.



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