Unscrambler analytics suite

Solve your toughest process and product quality issues.

A flexible, enterprise analytics suite with industry leading tools that supports all steps from design to production for developing products faster, improve product quality and optimise processes.

Accelerate product development and ensure quality in production

The Unscrambler analytics suite provides you with full control of your data from development to production and simplifies the move from lab to pilot to production, for more profitable processes, less deviations, and higher yields.


Product development

Developing new products is a costly, time-consuming and sometimes risky task. Using the Unscrambler suite you can accelerate product development and time to market or enhance existing products. Create product designs that are less sensitive to variations in raw material quality or properties.

Production optimisation

When looking to improve production yields, process efficiency or Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) it is difficult to know exactly what will drive the best outcomes. Modelling and optimising your processes with the Unscrambler analytics suite will provide you valuable insights on which factors that will have the highest impact on performance and outcomes.

Process control

Monitor and control the health and performance of your manufacturing processes with the Unscrambler Process Pulse to keep your batch and continuous operations running smoothly. Process Pulse presents you with an intuitive multivariate control chart with early fault detection and process deviation warnings, so operators can stop quality or inconsistency problems from ever happening.

Quality assurance

No matter how you measure and assess the desired quality of your products, with Unscrambler Process Pulse you can ensure that the quality of every single unit is exactly right. Process Pulse monitors the quality in each step of the process and provides a precise assessment of the composition, physical, and sensory properties of the product, ensuring verifiable quality assurance.

Featured products

Accelerate product development

Develop new products faster, decrease product time to market and accelerate clinical trials.

New in Unscrambler


Discover the unlimited power of Unscrambler with Python: Choose from thousands of free Python scripts for import, preprocessing and machine learning, and benefit from the compliant framework for model validation in Unscrambler.

Use Unscrambler for the lifecycle of a product from discovery and formulation to trials, manufacturing and optimisation.

Ensure quality in production

Less deviations in production, higher yields, shorter time to market and more profitable processes.

Use Unscrambler to model your process reality, optimise efficiency or perform root cause analysis to improve processes.
Process Pulse is an integrated platform for Process Analytical Technology (PAT) with all the tools needed for continuous manufacturing.
Real-time hyperspectral image analysis for quality monitoring and sorting

Discover our new powerful and flexible solution for in-line chemical quantification, classification and object identification using hyperspectral image analysis.


New in Unscrambler

Discover the unlimited power of Unscrambler with Python

Choose from thousands of free Python scripts for import, preprocessing and machine learning, and enjoy the exploratory analytics approach in Uncrambler.

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A powerful and easy to use suite of analytical tools to accelerate product development and improve process and product quality.


Easy to use all-in-one tool to explore, analyse and predict.

Unscrambler HSI

Explorative, multivariate analysis of hyperspectral images.

Process Pulse

Run Unscrambler models to monitor and predict in real-time.

Highlighted features

The best alone. Even better together.

Analytics built for industrial data

Powerful multivariate methods, statistics and Design of Experiments, with unique capabilities for spectroscopy and chemometrics.

From design to production

Supports all steps from design to production with tools and intuitive interfaces for data scientists, engineers, operators and quality managers.

Works with all types of data

Analyse all types of data like material, sensor, process and product with direct import from analysers or through connectors like OPC, OSI-PI and ODBC.

Unlimited new methods with Python

Python gives access to thousands of free scripts for use in Unscrambler with additional methods for import, preprocessing and machine learning.

Process visibility and interaction

Full process visibility, early fault detection, process deviation warnings and optimisations through interactive charts on a single dashboard.

Secure and compliant

Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 with model version control, searchable audit trails and audit trail reports.

Purpose-built analytics, monitoring and optimisation to improve process and product quality.


Bring together data, tools and people.
Optimise the entire value chain from R&D to production.

The Unscrambler analytics suite can be utilised in many different parts and levels of the organisation to optimise the entire value chain from R&D to production with easy to act on insights for data scientists, process engineers, process operators and quality managers.

Product development

Developing new products or updating existing is complex when you have extensive lists of raw materials, requirements to reduce costs, manufacturing constraints or operate in a regulatory environment. With the powerful Unscrambler analytical tool, products can be developed faster with processes and quality as an integral part of the design (QbD) and existing products can be updated with raw materials for a consistent quality and lower cost.

Data scientists

Data scientists often face challenges with data in different formats, coming from different systems, or it can be a mix of historical and real-time data and contain many variables. The Unscrambler analysis tool is designed to handle these challenges and transform the data into models that reflect a product or process to help better understand and optimise quality and effectiveness. With the easy-of-use and intuitive graphics and visualisations this analysis can be done by both analysts and engineers using exploratory data analysis, descriptive statistics, regression analysis, classification and prediction.

Production and engineering

To better help production and engineering managers to keep processes running within limits and deliver products with the right quality the Unscrambler Process Pulse tool offers real-time process monitoring and control, that displays a single view of the processes by combining and presenting all data in interactive control charts on a single dashboard. With full process visibility, early fault detection and process deviation warnings operators can identify and handle process deviations earlier.


To optimise process and product quality and increase yields the Unscrambler suite has powerful analytical tools for troubleshooting and optimising processes throughout the entire production cycle. Root cause analysis for solving complex quality issues, identify bad batches of raw materials before they enter the process, scale up production and efficiently move from pilot to full scale production and identify process parameters with the biggest impact on quality and yields.

The multivariate difference

The world is multivariate. Your analysis should be as well.

There is always more than one side to the problem you are trying to solve. It’s the same in your data. So, to discover all sides of your data, we use the latest multivariate and machine learning techniques to uncover insights in your data that can lead to big discoveries – and better process and product quality. We’ve been applying multivariate analysis to process and product quality problems for decades. With Camo, you get powerful analytics tools built on our outstanding analytical pedigree, proprietary software and commercial success.

How it works

Make your batch and continuous operations run smoothly with off- and online analysis.

Easy to use all-in-one tool to explore, analyse and predict.

Explorative, multivariate analysis of hyperspectral images.

Run Unscrambler models to monitor and predict in real-time.

Preferred by more than 25000 scientists, researchers and engineers.


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Book: An introduction to Multivariate Analysis.

All updated 6th edition of the best selling book on chemometrics and multivariate techniques, covering PLS, PCA, TOS, DoE and much more.

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